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Ningxia Huiheng Activated Carbon Sales Co., Ltd.
mainly produces activated carbon based on low-ash, low-sulfur, low-
phosphorus,high mechanical strength,high activation performance,
and high specific surface area of high-quality Taixi coal as the main raw
material in Ningxia,and is activated by high temperature steam.

  • 1、The parameter of activated carbon is key choosing point, the main parameters: iodine value ,carbon tetrachloride ,methylene blue, benzene adsorption, specific surface area, PH value , ash and so on. In general, The indicator of qualified activated carbon is iodine value> 800, carbon tetrachloride> 50%, methylene blue> 120, benzene adsorption> 25, ash <15, PH value> 8.3.

    2, the density: the more activated carbon pores, the higher the adsorption performance, activated carbon will be more crisp, the relative density will be lower, feel will be lighter. In the case of same weight packaging, the volume will be greater. Recommended to buy activated carbon products with small density and light feel .

    3, particle size: if the activated carbon particles is smaller, the area of contact air will be greater, the specific surface area will be greater, the adsorption performance will be better, in general about 0.5 mm particle of activated carbon achieve the best performance, also can ensure is not powder. It is recommended to select activated carbon products with particle diameters between 0.42 and 0.85 mm.

  • 4, see manufacturers: in professional activated carbon manufacturers, technical quality is excellent, the cost is not high, cost-effective is high, low quality of activated carbon manufacturers mostly are trading companies in the market, these trading companies do not have production capacity, products standards and corporate standards at all,the quality can’t be guaranteed.

    5, look at the bubble: put a small handful of activated carbon into the water, due to small water molecules, water will gradually immersed in the pore structure of activated carbon, forcing the air of the pores discharged, resulting in a series of very small bubbles, while the sound will be issued by the slightest bubble, high quality activated carbon will produce high intense phenomenon.

    6, see components: activated carbon is according aperture to adsorb harmful gases.The different harmful gases have different molecular weight,and size is also different. The Porosity of Activated carbon between 0.45-2 nm can absorb formaldehyde and other toxic gases. Coconut shell activated carbonis the best choose for adsorpt bad gas and other pollution .Gas spherical microporous activated carbon is the best choose for maldehyde adsorption.

  • 7, to see is not a carbonized material: carbonized material is carbon only ,which just through carbonization process, not is not the real activated carbon. The activation process is the most important manufacturing pore structure process of activated carbon manufacturing process. Carbonized material has almost no adsorption properties if without activation .

    8, PH test paper test - the new activated carbon alkalinity should be neutral alkaline, about 7-8 or so, and is similar to human blood and it is harmless for the human body. The poor activated carbon, especially recovery activated carbon after industrial used, most of them showed obvious acidic (less than 6) or alkaline (greater than 9),because by the impact of industrial production processes,.

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