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Coke filter can be used to life in the oil sewage treatment


With the continuous improvement of China's overall economic level, the construction and planning of the city gradually put people together, many shopping malls have been built up.Thus leading to the emergence of a variety of urban sewage problems. Especially in the life oil sewage is the most harmful, our country is highly valued in the life of oil sewage treatment. Through the experiment, it was found that the coke filter can be used coke filter can be used to life in the oil sewage treatment .

coke filter

coke filter

Because the city has the most serious sewage discharge, so people have been looking for the treatment of oily sewage treatment. The treatment effect is the best way to physical method without power, without dosing and simple operation, which is most suitable for the filtration and adsorption. according to the study found: the selection of specialized filtration adsorption water treatment coke filter remove oily sewage, to ensure the effluent discharge standards.

So why the coke filter can be used to remove oily sewage? First, the coke filter material has a strong oil absorption, has enough mechanical properties, chemical stability, large surface area adsorption capacity and other characteristics. Second, coke filter material and the price is low, easy to get, after the use of the advantages of incineration disposal.

The most important is the coke filter material  has a coarse-grained function, the use of coke filter lipophilic and porous, the oily water through the carbon layer, fine particles of oil droplets is adsorbed in the pores of the coke filter, and gradually gathered a large oil floating bead.

Ningxia Ming Yang activated carbon company technical staff to describe the specific coarse granulation process is as follows:
1 firstly, the fine particle size of oil beads is adsorbed on the surface and pores of coke through the coke filter layer, and the oil film is formed. At the same time, the continuous phase water film breaks down between the oil and water, and the coalescence of the oil droplets and the oil film.

2 with the growth of time, more and more oil in the pores of the coke. Thus, the water flow section is reduced, and the resistance is increased, and the oil in the pores of the coke is introduced. Since the beginning of the effect of surface tension, oil droplets and coke surface membrane can not immediately disconnect, when the oil particle increases to buoyancy is greater than the surface tension and adhesion of coke, large particles and oil droplets that coke surface oil film floating off.

This is the process of removing oily sewage from the coke filter material. The practice shows that the removal rate of oil is usually 30-50% after the filtration of oily waste water by coke. This shows that the quality of coke filter to remove the effect of sewage is very good.

Ming Yang recommended to you our independent research and development of the Ming Yang coke filter  . It is a strong vibration screening strength reached 97% from coke in selection, wool. The production process of the Ming Yang coke filter material is as follows: 1 in the two water washing to remove the dust after the dust between the particles, after drying, turning the sun, three times screening, dust removal.

Due to its high mechanical strength, high porosity, strong interception ability and good adsorption performance, it has good effects on the removal of suspended solids, water quality and water quality. Therefore, the application of coke filter  is very broad: it can be used in industrial water treatment, urban water supply, drainage, metallurgy, electric power, industrial wastewater treatment and other fields.

Ming Yang company is a professional  coke filter manufacturer , the production of Ming Yang coke filter has been recognized as high quality, good performance, strong durability, in the water treatment industry is widely used. More information about the coke filter can call the coke filter material hotline: 86+15809525093! Welcome new and old customers to come to consult and order!

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