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Anthracite filter material quality is an important link to determine the safety of water


I believe you read a small series of articles about the introduction of anthracite filter material, the anthracite filter material have a general understanding of it. high quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good, poor quality can not guarantee the safety of water quality. Therefore anthracite filter material quality is an important link to determine the safety of water.

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

First of all, we must tell you: filtration is an important stage of water treatment in water purification plant, the selection of the stage directly determines the water quality and running costs of water. In the filter stage generally with high quality anthracite filter material, quartz sand filter material, such as the composition of the filter material to intercept suspended impurities in the water, so that the water to clarify the process.

The effectiveness of the filter is not only to further reduce the water turbidity, but also the water organic matter, bacteria and even viruses and other tiny substances will be decreased with the water turbidity is partially removed. Therefore, the filter is an indispensable water treatment technology, it is an important measure to ensure the health and safety of drinking water.

In fact, the filtration stage is used for a wide variety of quartz sand filter is a filter with the longest history, on this basis, the development of anthracite filter material , manganese sand filter material , sponge iron filter material , volcanic  filter material  and other media, some media can reasonable collocation, give full play to the role of media in the role of water treatment filter.

Anthracite filter material with quartz sand filter is used in our country at present to promote the double rapid filter and three layer filter, filter tank filtration of the best materials. At the same time, anthracite filter material and quartz sand filter material can be used for the purification treatment of reclaimed water.

Two kinds of filter materials can not only improve the filtration rate increase per unit area yield and improve the sewage interception capacity doubled, so they reduce the engineering cost and the most effective way to reduce the occupied area, many large enterprises in the water treatment when they choose.

In water treatment, to ensure filter material  in the filter operation and better filtering water, is also very important to choose the quality of anthracite, then choose the best quality anthracite, can play a greater role in water filtration? Therefore, the choice of anthracite filter material must meet the following requirements:

1 the appearance of the product is spherical and has edges and corners, gloss is good

2 particle size distribution is reasonable. The particle size range is less than the specified minimum size by weight of not more than 5%, greater than the specified maximum size by weight of not more than 5%.

3 high mechanical strength, crushing rate and wear rate and should not be greater than 3% (percentage by mass).

4 chemical stability, no toxic substances. In general acid, alkaline, neutral water are not dissolved

5 hydrochloric acid soluble rate of 0.68% in all kinds of water can reach a good purification effect

6 uniform coefficient (K60) is not more than 1.5 (Japan standard), uneven coefficient (K80) in the 1.6-2.0, the gap rate is greater than 50%.

Ming Yang company , the latest research and development of the Ming Yang anthracite filter material is fully in line with the requirements, because it is particularly selected from the deep mineral, with the highest percentage of carbon content. Using high quality anthracite as raw material, through careful screening, crushing, carbonization and other technological process. Applicable to general acid, neutral alkaline purification treatment, with a good specific surface area.

Anthracite filter material using artificial classification, can reduce other mineral impurities and reduce ash content, but also through filtration and washing, to ensure that it is suitable for water filtration. At the same time it has the following characteristics: 1 good solid particles to maintain the ability to reliably improve the ability of suspended particles to clear the 2 of its uniform coefficient is low, help to speed up the flow rate. Therefore, Ming Yang Anthracite filter material prospects in the field of sewage treatment .

The wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable . It can not only be used in water treatment, but also can be used in the treatment of wastewater before and after the production of a number of industries. Nowadays, anthracite filter material has become a”Rising Star”of water recycling of the water cycle, and has been welcomed by the major enterprises.

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