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The use of anthracite filter material


Inn the last chapter, we introduced the anthracite filter material of raw materials, performance, production process and other basic knowledge, today  I will  introduce  for you about  the use of anthracite filter material . the wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable . the market demand is very large, many enterprises use it as water treatment material.

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

The industry should know that coagulation→ sedimentation→ Filtration  → disinfection of drinking water purification technology has been used for a long time, in order to protect human health has made great contributions. The filtration process is an important part of the purification of drinking water. Filter need to use a variety of filter material. Take anthracite filter material, anthracite filter material in our country in the middle of 60s, and early in foreign countries began to widely used in tap water and various types of sewage filtration process.

Anthracite was originally used as a fuel to use, with the development of the industry, the application of anthracite more and more widely, can be used for agricultural, chemical fertilizers, ceramics, manufacturing forging and other industries. Later, anthracite through fine selection, crushing and screening into a certain size, directly into the water filter process of a filter. Re open up new uses, that is anthracite filter material. After the test of  high quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good , the industry gradually used to it as the main material for water treatment.

High quality anthracite filter material must be filtered and washed to ensure that it is suitable for water filtration. Because it has a good ability to maintain solid particles, to improve the ability to clear the suspended particles, the uniform coefficient is low, help to speed up the flow rate is the most widely used filter material.

Ningxia Mingyang activated carbon company resarch and devolopment a  Ming Yang anthracite  filter material with high fixed carbon content, high density and high strength; the appearance of gloss; chemical stability, do not contain toxic and harmful substances; in acidic and neutral are insoluble in water, compression wear resistance; have enough surface area and reasonable particle size distribution. Therefore, the application of the anthracite filter material is very wide.

1 it can be used for drinking water and industrial production water and a variety of double layer and three layer filter;

2 chemical, metallurgy, thermal power, pharmaceutical, paper, food and so on before and after the production of water treatment.

3 is the most commonly used anthracite filter material and quartz sand filter material , can remove suspended matter, colloid, bacteria, etc., do pretreatment with.

Ming Yang anthracite filter material and magnetite filter material , manganese sand filter, activated carbon filter media , such as the use of a number of water purification filter. According to the different water quality, with the appropriate filter used in different sewage treatment. Thus see the bright sun without tobacco coal filter material in the field of sewage treatment is broad prospects.

Ming Yang reminder: the sewage treatment industry today is still in the application of anthracite, anthracite filter material processing quality visible effect is good, and with a variety of filter material mutual collocation application, create more solutions for water treatment, make quality standards by the industry demand.

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