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Analysis polyacrylamide application in water treatment industry prospects


Now the wastewater emissions and processing volume proportion of China's serious imbalance, and the increasingly serious problem of water resources has become the social development of the "stumbling block", but this is also the interpretation of the water treatment and other environmental protection industry will have a huge space for development.

Some water treatment chemicals such as the sustainable development of Polyaluminium chloride, polyacrylamide in environmental protection will bring new hot products. Below I will  analysis polyacrylamide application in water treatment industry prospects for everyone !



Analysis on the prospect of polyacrylamide application in water treatment industry -- domestic water treatment industry

China's annual wastewater discharge of about 365 tons, the annual treatment capacity of only 100 tons, the treatment rate of less than 1/3. At present, the world water treatment market, including polymeric aluminum chloride, inorganic flocculant has a market share of more than 3/4.

Polyacrylamide’s Industry bottlenecks and development prospects : agent industry have a certain scale and level of water treatment in China, but still can not meet the requirements of a large number of industrial wastewater and water treatment, compared with foreign advanced level, there is not a small gap.

The industry is expected in the next few years the domestic water treatment agent production will have a rapid development, the annual demand will reach about 300 thousand tons, of which, such as cationic polyacrylamide flocculant demand for 180 thousand tons.


Analysis on the prospect of polyacrylamide application in water treatment industry -- international water treatment industry

1 the United Nations issued a warning to the shortage of freshwater resources: water shortage will seriously restrict the economic and social development of the next century, and may lead to conflicts between countries".

The report entitled "a comprehensive assessment of the world's freshwater resources," the report pointed out: at present, more than of the world's population, that is, 1 billion 200 million people face a high degree of water shortage in the pressure". The report also predicts that by 2025, the world's population will surge to 8 billion 300 million, the world will have 1/3 of the population suffer from high to high water pressure".

But in recent years, the global polyacrylamide recovery potential is more and more big, this is an efficient water treatment agent, it can quickly and effectively deal with all kinds of wastewater. Many countries are now using it for wastewater treatment, the use of very good results. It alleviated the use of water resources to a great extent.

Application of Polyacrylamide in water treatment industry: water treatment industry

With the rapid development of agriculture and the improvement of people's living standard, the demand of water is growing, at the same time, the pollution of water resources has become more and more serious, the human desirable water resources is gradually reduced.

China is one of the water poor countries, per capita consumption is only the world's per capita water 1/4, currently has more than and 300 city water, on the water volume of about 10 million cubic meters, has seriously affected the domestic industrial production and people's life.

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Industrial water generally accounts for 70% to 80% of urban water. How to save water, rational use of water by all sectors of the general concern? The demand for various kinds of water treatment agent is increasing day by day.

For example: non-ionic polyacrylamide, anionic polyacrylamide and other water treatment agent with flocculation formation fast, fast sedimentation rate, low temperature of high turbidity water treatment effect is good, suitable for a wide range of features such as the pH value of water.

These products can not only organic compounds, removal of suspended solids, heavy metals, sulfides and carcinogens; and the decolorization and removal of oil, deodorizing and sterilizing function significantly.

Extensive application of polyacrylamide , and other water purification agent, compared with the price is cheap, good quality, easy to configure the advantage. Has a strong market competitiveness, its economic efficiency is also very obvious, it is worth vigorously promoting the application.

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