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The role of Polyacrylamide in the wastewater treatment of fruit juice factory


Because the juice factory discharges the waste water which contains a large amount of acid, the direct discharge to the urban drainage system will cause certain harm to the environment. So fruit juice manufacturers must be treated before discharge, the most commonly used water treatment agent is polyacrylamide. Here we have a look at the role of Polyacrylamide in the wastewater treatment of  fruit juice factory



The state expressly provides for the fruit juice factory, only after the treatment of qualified wastewater discharged into the urban drainage system. A lot of fruit juice factories are using polyacrylamide as flocculant.

Polyacrylamide is a kind of flocculant, which is commonly used in sewage treatment and water purification. Because the juice factory wastewater containing acid material, then what type polyacrylamide deal with acid wastewater treatment effective ?  Different juice wastewater has the use of what kind of polyacrylamide ion model?

citrus water treatment can generally use the anionic polyacrylamide, cationic polyacrylamide model. Citrus juice processing wastewater is mainly derived from the process of fruit softening and acid and alkali treatment. Which contains citrus, pectin, organic acids, sugars and other pollutants, is a difficult to deal with the processing of food processing wastewater.

Reason: because of the relatively high acid content in water. In this case we chose the two representative of the flocculant, their adsorption is good, and the price of polyacrylamide is also very suitable.

The juice wastewater mainly comes from the washing fruits, crushing, juicing process, canned section of washing, sterilization, broken bottle loss and ground flushing etc. Wastewater containing high concentrations of sugar, pectin, fruit slag and water soluble substances and cellulose, mineral salt, etc.. Can use non- ionic polyacrylamide, its wastewater treatment effect is very good.

The role of Polyacrylamide in the wastewater treatment of fruit juice factory: how to select the type of Polyacrylamide in the treatment of food wastewater

Food processing wastewater mainly comes from the three production process: raw material cleaning section. A large number of pulp fibers, mud impurities into the waste water, so that the wastewater containing a large number of suspended solids.

Production section. Many ingredients in raw materials can not be used in the process of processing, will produce a large number of pulp fiber, not the use of part of the wastewater into the waste water containing a large amount of organic matter.

The forming section. In order to increase the food color, smell and taste, prolong the storage period, the use of a variety of food additives, part of the loss into the waste water, so that the chemical composition of waste water complex.

These are the various types of waste water produced in the different stages of food processing, extensive application of polyacrylamide , and the types are varied, which can be used for many types of wastewater treatment. So enterprises in many products, how efficient and economic procurement polyacrylamide ? Details of the relevant indicators can be read.

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