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Anthracite filter material is a leader in water treatment industry


Tell the modern pursuit of healthy life in a large number of shocking, water purification and air purification is a serious problem hindering the social progress and human health. So many of the corresponding water treatment filter materials emerge as the times require. anthracite filter material  is a leader in water treatment industry. many large enterprises have chosen it as water treatment filter material .

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

The purification of water is through the corresponding filter material, for example: manganese sand filter material, water treatment coke filter material, etc.. According to the final demand for water by physical or chemical methods, the process of removal of sediment, rust, chlorine, heavy metal ions and harmful organic substances, bacteria and virus. Obviously, if the whole water purification using physical filtering, are not generated in the water or add any new material, but does not change the character of the water, which is the most secure way is now widely used in Western countries.

High quality anthracite filter material  is one of the most commonly used water purification and safe water purification filter, anthracite filter can well in water treatment, because anthracite has the efficacy and advantages of powerful in water filtration. Anthracite filter material has many advantages, it is mainly through filtration and washing, in order to ensure that it is suitable for water filtration, and there is a good effect. anthracite filter material has become a”Rising Star”of water recycling point the day and await for it.

High quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good , is a leader in water treatment industry. This is mainly due to its advantages and its own characteristics. It has the advantages of two aspects: 1 because it can better maintain solid particles, can reliably improve the ability to remove suspended particles 2 of its uniform coefficient is low, help to speed up the flow rate.

Anthracite filter characteristic: 1 it has high density, high strength and good appearance; 2, with its good gloss, and chemical stability; 3 good solid particle retention, ofsuspended particle removal mechanism, which can greatly improve the carbon content. 4 the structure of the surface and the particle size of the surface and the particle size is also very reasonable in the free of acid, neutral, insoluble in water and the toxic and harmful substances. Two contents of the composition of the wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable .

Ming Yang company independent research and development and production of  Ming Yang anthracite filter material is the water treatment industry in the rare quality of filter materials. Products through mechanical processing, screening and refined. Its size is similar to the sphere, was more than the edges and corners. With reasonable gap ratio, stable physical and chemical properties, high strength, high density and so on.  anthracite filter material applications is mainly used in various types of double layer, three layer filter, can further improve the quality of water.

Anthracite is a leader in water treatment industry, there is no doubt that the. It can be in the water treatment industry, fierce competition in the market for many years to stand. Precisely because it has an advantage over the other filter products.

 Ningxia Ming Yang activated carbon company production of anthracite filter material is the most safe water purification filter material, the most practical solution to water treatment.   Ming Yang Anthracite filter material prospects in the field of sewage treatment  and can be used for the purification treatment of all kinds of water quality. We specialize in the production of various specifications of anthracite filter material, high quality and low price for the vast number of new and old customers come to buy!

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