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Activated carbon filter media is a leader in the era of environmental protection


Industrialization and urbanization, rapid development not only promotes the residents awareness of environmental protection, but also promoted the development of environmental protection industry.

In the socio-economic development to provide a good foundation resources and environment under people actively control water pollution, environmental pollution and other issues. Activated carbon filter which play an irreplaceable role. activated carbon filter media  is a leader in the era of environmental protection , environmental protection industry has made tremendous contributions.

activated carbon filter media

activated carbon filter media

Activated carbon filter media  named activated carbon , it is an important amorphous carbon material, porous solid black, developed pore structure, with a huge surface area, and can be as high as 1000-3000 m2 / g. Gas, solution of inorganic or organic substances and colloidal particles has a very strong adsorption capacity.

An activated carbon filter as an excellent adsorbent properties of activated carbon material has a unique pore structure and surface active functional groups, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, acid, alkali, heat, insoluble in water and organic solvents. extensive application of activated carbon used in various fields of distribution, in water treatment is particularly significant. E.g:

1. The activated carbon filter is an indispensable link in water treatment, activated carbon treatment is in addition to the main organics, plastics, pesticide residues, free chlorine and a small amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen and other gases.

2. Because the activated carbon of organic matter in the water has outstanding ability to remove some of the difficult biodegradable organics removal more unique. So it is used in tanning waste water treatment, paper and dye chemical wastewater treatment, coking wastewater treatment and other organic wastewater treatment.

Activated carbon filter material  for adsorption of gas pollution is also a master, which many manufacturers developed the organic waste gas treatment activated carbon. It is not only good for organic vapor sorption, several major air pollution caused by gas. E.g:

SO2, vehicle emissions of CO2, NO2, hydrocarbons, aldehydes A gas plant stack emissions are capable of adsorbing
2. Activated carbon can also be made so that the dry desulfurization devices and automobile exhaust filter.
3. also absorb a variety of odors O3, fluorine-containing gas, smoke, emissions to humans and the instrument can be made of an air purifier.
4. The activated carbon filter or indoor air pollution purification, automotive exhaust pollution essential products.

In short activated carbon filter media 's development  Prospects is growing. Powdered  activated carbon can be used for sugar, drugs, MSG industry, water treatment, solvent recovery, food and beverage purification; coconut shell activated carbon air purification, desulphurization, carriers, medicine, gold refining, defense and other. So that the activated carbon is one of the pillars of the national economy.

Social development, environmental green, activated carbon filter has a huge impact in terms of environmental protection, especially in the case of environmental protection in the world has been more highly valued, activated carbon for water purification, waste gas treatment and other large environmental protection industry has an important role.

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