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price of coke filter


Multifunction coke filter material due to a wide range of uses, in today's market is very popular. This shows that compared to other media products, coke filter has a unique advantage and function. Here we analyze the current market price of coke filter  .

Ningxia Ming Yang activated carbon company analyst after market research that: the recent rebound in the price of coke futures is more obvious. Coke 1605 contract from a low of 600 yuan in the year before the yuan / ton rebound to today's 770 yuan / ton, the rebound rate of more than 25%. From the spot market, the price of coke to follow the thread steel, iron ore prices in the industrial chain, in the early March price increase of 30 yuan / ton basis, the spot market once again raised 20 - 30 yuan / ton of intentions.

The reasons for price increases: 1 the current coking coal supply shortage of 2 coking plant loss limits the continuation of rising coking plant operating rate, and steel in profit driven, blast furnace operating rate rising, the demand for Coke will continue to increase, the prices will be more solid coke. 3 many manufacturers such as Guangzhou coke filter manufacturer , due to the growth of raw material costs, but also gradually increase the price of coke filter material.

The application of coke filter material is very wide. Mainly used in blast furnace iron smelting and used for copper, lead, zinc, titanium, antimony, and other non-ferrous metal smelting, reducing agent, heating agent and the role of the material column. Blast furnace coke instead of charcoal, for the modern blast furnace to lay the foundation, is a major milestone in metallurgy. In addition, coke filter can be used to life in the oil sewage treatment .

Overall, coking coal prices increased the cost of production of coke, coking plant operating rate due to the shortage of coke production recovery, steel profits continue to rise to improve the demand for coke coke, so there is still upside.

Water treatment coke filter has the following characteristics: 1 high mechanical strength, porosity, adsorption, sewage interception capability of 2 removal of suspended solids in water, water, has a good effect, is widely used in industrial water treatment. The physical properties of coke filter including sulfur, coke coke sieving composition, coke, coke ash, phosphorus coke, coke moisture and other volatile.

coke filter

coke filter

1, the phosphorus in coke, metallurgical coke smelting iron with phosphorus content should be 0.02 - 0.03%.

2, sulfur content in coke: sulfur is a harmful impurity of iron smelting, which reduce the quality of pig iron. In the steelmaking pig iron sulfur content is greater than 0.07% of the waste.
By the blast furnace furnace into sulfur from 11% ore; 3.5% from limestone; 82.5% from coke, so coke is the main source of sulfur in charge. Sulfur content in coke directly affects the production of blast furnace.

(1) when the sulfur content in coke is greater than 1.6%, sulfur increased 0.1%, the amount of coke increased 1.8%, limestone amount increased by 3.7%, with the increasing of the amount of ore 0.3%, blast furnace production decreased 1.5 - 2%.

(2) the sulfur content of metallurgical coke is less than 1%, and the sulfur content of metallurgical coke used in large and medium sized blast furnaces is less than 0.4 - 0.7%.

3, the volatile content of the coke: according to the volatile content of the coke can determine the maturity of the coke. If the volatile matter is greater than 1.5%, it indicates that the coke is less than 0.7% - 0.5, then it is over, and the average maturity of metallurgical coke is about 1%.

4, the ash in the coke: the impact of the ash on the blast furnace smelting is very significant. Coke ash content increased by 1%, coke consumption increased by 2 - 2.5%. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the ash content of the coke.

5, the screening of coke composition: in the blast furnace smelting in the size of the coke is also very important.

Ming Yang company is a professional  coke filter manufacturer , the company R & D and production of Ming Yang coke filter material in the domestic market is very large, mainly used for a variety of water purification treatment. According to the needs of customers to provide different specifications of the product. Believe that the future of Coke will be the most popular water treatment products! More about the latest news about the price of coke filter material, please dial the coke filter media hotline: 86 + 15809525093! Mailbox: m15809525093@163.com !

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