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Nut shell activated carbon for wastewater treatment effect is very good


Whether it is the country, the government or the people have gradually realized that the developed industrial and prosperous urban economy has been developing at the same time, resulting in a large number of sewage discharge. These sewage have not even been carried out sewage treatment, not only a waste of water resources, but also a serious water pollution. At present, many companies are using activated carbon products for water treatment. nut shell activated carbon for wastewater treatment effect is very good .

Nut shell activated carbon for wastewater treatment effect is very good

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First, I will  introduce what is the  nut shell activated carbon !  Series of nut shell activated carbon is made of high quality apricot shell, peach shell, coconut shell, walnut shell as raw material, using rotary furnace carbonization, high temperature steam activation, refined crushing and screening and other process of refining. Nut shell activated carbon products with rich pore structure and developed specific surface area, compared with the coconut shell activated carbon , mesoporous structure with more abundant, has its unique superiority in some application fields.

Shell activated carbon products series, because the raw material is relatively cheap, as long as the use of the environment is not particularly harsh, it has a very good price. Shell activated carbon applications is very extensive.

1. The latest application of activated carbon in wastewater treatment : it can be used to purify drinking water, pure water, wine, beverage, industrial wastewater.

2 Nut shell activated carbon bleaching function is very good, can be used for food, such as monosodium glutamate decolorization, deodorization, dechlorination;

3. Nut shell activated carbon adsorption applications : used for the adsorption of various industrial waste water, city sewage treatment;

4 Shell activated carbon in the brewery industry role : to improve the quality of purity, taste and wine.

5 used in water plant, power plant, nuclear power, medical treatment, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel, tobacco, fine chemical and other industries.

Nut shell activated carbon is an excellent adsorbent to adsorb various wastewater so as to achieve the purification effect. The activated carbon for water pretreatment requirements, and the activated carbon is expensive, so in wastewater treatment, activated carbon is mainly used to remove trace contaminants in wastewater, in order to achieve the purpose of deep purification.

1 active carbon and chromium containing wastewater treatment. Chromium is a kind of metal raw material with a large amount of electroplating. The different forms of chromium in waste water with pH value exist in different forms, respectively.

Activated carbon has a very well-developed microporous structure and a high specific surface area, has a strong physical adsorption capacity, can effectively adsorb wastewater Cr. On the surface of activated carbon, there are a large number of oxygen containing groups such as hydroxyl (-OH), carboxyl (-COOH) and so on. They all have the function of electrostatic adsorption, which can produce the chemical adsorption of Cr.

The results showed that the Cr mass concentration in solution was 50mg/L, pH=3, and the adsorption time was 1.5h, The removal efficiency of R C by activated carbon adsorption reached the best effect..

water purification nut activated carbon adsorption treatment of chromium containing wastewater, stable performance, high efficiency, low operation cost, have certain social and economic benefits.

2 treatment of mercury containing wastewater with activated carbon. Activated carbon has the performance of adsorption of mercury and mercury compounds, but the adsorption capacity is limited, only suitable for the treatment of low water content of wastewater. If the concentration of mercury is higher, you can first use chemical precipitation method, the treatment of mercury containing about 1mg/L, up to 2-3mg/L, and then use activated carbon for further treatment.

3 treatment of phenolic wastewater with activated carbon. Phenol wastewater is widely used in petrochemical plant, resin plant, coking plant and oil refining and chemical plant. How to judge the level of activated carbon adsorption value ? The experiment proved that: activated carbon adsorption of phenol is good, temperature is not conducive to adsorption, the adsorption capacity decreases; but elevated temperatures shorten the time to reach equilibrium.

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