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Manganese sand filter media works


Manganese sand filter media water treatment industry in recent years has become a star, much like the water treatment industry. Manganese sand filter is the use of natural manganese ore or manganese sand as raw material, selection, crushing, screening and other production process from processing. Its appearance brown, rough surface. However, manganese sand filter is extremely well-developed internal porosity, chemical stable cutting performance, the performance characteristics of manganese sand filter manganese sand filter works plays a vital role.

Only by understanding the manganese sand filter works, we can make better use of manganese sand filter manganese sand filter for the works we simply summarized as follows:

Iron to Fe2 + in a state hidden in the ground (well) water, the water has heterochromatic odor and pollution due to reduced ion exchange resin exchange capacity, generation of the dissolved iron after a long, affect the heat transfer, can corrode equipment. Manganese sand filter of manganese dioxide with Fe2 + redox reaction, Fe2 + and Fe3 + becomes generated Fe (OH) 3 precipitate, which use manganese sand filter backwash function to achieve removal purification purposes. Low iron and manganese in water before coating of manganese sand filter adsorption, oxidation and is then hydrolyzed to produce molecules hydrated hydroxide [Fe (OH) 3XH2O] and [Mn (OH) nXH2O] active membrane formation, further improve the effect of removing iron and manganese. When containing iron, manganese manganese sand filter water surface by long-term, it will be generated in the filter surface iron and manganese filters. Because manganese sand filter for iron, manganese stronger adsorption capacity, it is modified to shorten the iron membrane filter media can be formed under the iron, manganese filter time, the formation of natural conditions often require several weeks of time time, to form a membrane more manganese long. The formation of iron, manganese filters for iron and manganese removal generally has a catalytic effect, which we call "active membrane."

magnetite filter material

magnetite filter material

For different levels of manganese sand filter, its scope of work is not the same, according to the manganese sand filter works, you can use the Category manganese sand filter simply summarized as follows: for groundwater in addition to iron and manganese in addition to natural manganese sand filter, which should form the manganese oxide manganese-based. Amount of manganese (manganese dioxide, the same below) is not less than 35% of the natural manganese sand filter, both for groundwater in addition to iron, but also for groundwater manganese; manganese content of 20% ~ 30% of the natural manganese sand filter, it should only be used groundwater in addition to iron; manganese content of less than 20% of manganese ore is not appropriate should give priority to production and use through scientific tests or proof can be a good addition to iron and manganese in addition to natural varieties of manganese sand filter effect for material.

Manganese sand filter works so powerful, and some places have already established a dedicated removing iron and manganese in the water, but the effect is not as good as expected, mainly due to the modified filter process costs than straight high, so for some large-scale water treatment plants are not suitable. Currently active membrane for iron and manganese active membrane eliminate iron, manganese technology is not mature, still need further experiments. But in recent years, people turn the steering biological manganese sand filter to get rid of iron, manganese, and has achieved results. Therefore, more and more places began using contact oxidation method, which will be in addition to iron and manganese sand filter, in addition to new trends manganese applications.

If you want to make manganese sand filter works with full effect of play, then the choice of high-quality manganese sand filter is the inevitable choice for the next a brief identification of several manganese sand filter method:

1. In general, the optimal density of the natural manganese sand filter should be in the range of 3.2 g / cc to 3.6 g / cm3, but for the use of density except for special requirements;

2. Natural manganese sand filter media hydrochloric acid soluble rate should be less than 3.5% (percentage by mass, the same below);

3. natural manganese sand filter crushing rate and the wear rate and no more than 3%;

4. Natural manganese sand filter should be free of visible dirt, shale and foreign debris, mud content not exceeding 2.5%;

5. The media should be free of water extract toxic to humans, harmful substances.

Manganese sand filter and activated carbon, high-quality anthracite filter media, quartz sand filter media, multi-media and other media products for coke water treatment industry has a crucial role, both for the world water purification, water purification, etc. It plays a vital role.

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