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How to choose high quality home activated carbon


Over the years, with the rapid economic development, living standards continue to improve, we also pay more attention to the indoor environment is good or bad. The new home decoration, new home furniture, etc., but the decoration of indoor air pollution has become a major source of pollution, and now, we have to pay attention to the use of activated carbon purification of indoor air. After the adsorption of activated carbon to absorb the newly renovated room of harmful substances, to reduce indoor pollution. Xiao Bian today to introduce:How to choose high quality home activated carbon.

It is understood that the market, many of the classification of activated carbon, the adsorption purification effect is also good and bad. I visited the home market, a variety of activated carbon in the decoration materials stores have to sell. Purchasing personnel to the author, "Now purchase of activated carbon purification indoor air is increasing, many users for the health of children and families, are dedicated home repair activated carbon purify the air quality of the home to prevent harmful gas pollution.Newly renovated room, air All kinds of pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other long - term stay will cause great harm to human health.Therefore, many families have purchased activated carbon.

Coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon

How can activated carbon adsorb harmful gases? Activated carbon is how to purify the indoor air? Understanding of activated carbon are known, activated carbon adsorption to remove indoor pollution is currently the most widely used, the most sophisticated, most secure, the most reliable, most absorbent species of a way. Activated carbon although in appearance and use can have many types, but activated carbon has a common characteristic, that is, "adsorption." How simple to identify the level of adsorption of activated carbon it? How to buy quality home improvement activated carbon?

1. Pinch to see density by hand: take a certain amount of powdered activated carbon Dian Dian a hand, the more activated carbon pores, the higher the adsorption function, density, light touch.

2. Look at the bubbles: a small handful of coconut shell activated carbon into the water, a series of very fine bubbles, pull out a small bubble line, together will announce the slightest sound of bubbles, the appearance of the more intense, sustained The longer, the better the adsorption of activated carbon.

3. To see nut shell activated carbon bleaching function: Activated carbon can be colored liquid into a pale or colorless peculiar talent, which is originally due to nut shell activated carbonadsorption of colored liquid pigment molecules in the cause of the formation.
Husk activated carbon decolorization test method is: take two bright cups, in a cup of pure water, and then drop a drop of red ink mixing evenly after half of the colored water into another cup for comparison. The shell activated carbon into the colored water, the number should reach the water half or more, so the role will be compared significantly, and put it aside for 10-20 minutes after the control water samples were compared under the same conditions, the stronger the decolorization effect Activated carbon adsorption is better.

4. Measurement of volume: Activated carbon adsorption is strong, because it is more porous, and the more holes, activated carbon will be more crisp, the lighter the weight. So the quality of coal based granular activated carbon, feel will be relatively light, and, in the case of the same weight of packaging, the performance of activated carbon than the poor quality of activated carbon much larger.

The above is how to buy quality home improvement of the whole content of activated carbon, the first time we can observe the particle size of granular activated carbon, the smaller particles of activated carbon, the greater the air contact area, the better the adsorption effect. Particles more than 2mm above the activated carbon is recommended not to buy, activated carbon packaging must be sealed, otherwise it will absorb water to reduce the adsorption effect

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