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High quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good


With the continuous adjustment and upgrading of the industrial and agricultural development plan in twenty-first Century, the national economic level of each country has been greatly improved. People begin to set higher goals for their own living environment and living standards.

Cause people in the absence of water-saving awareness, industrialization, urbanization is serious, the degree of water pollution is also gradually evolved from low to high. Water purification, treatment of sewage is no delay, so many industrial water purification products resulting. For example, for example high quality anthracite filter material purification effect is very good , here we come to understand it !

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

For the industrialization and urbanization of the sewage, the first to carry out the sewage treatment. The filter is the most basic water treatment process is the most commonly used, it is based on the granular filter layer has pores, such as quartz sand filter, smoke-free coal filter, manganese sand filter material and other impurities, so that the water interception process water clarification process.

In some water of high quality water treatment process, smoke-free coal filter can reduce the turbidity of the water so that the organic compounds in water, bacteria and even viruses and other harmful substances in the water turbidity is reduced by removing a part of, this is an indispensable process.

High quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good——Characteristics and advantages of anthracite  filter material

Anthracite filter material is a kind of water treatment industry filter filter, using high quality Shanxi coal as raw material, through the selection, crushing, and two times. It has the following characteristics:
1 appearance luster is good, is a ball shape,
2 high mechanical strength, good compression performance,
3 stable chemical properties, no toxic substances, wear resistance,
4 in acid, neutral, alkaline water are not dissolved

Compared with other water treatment filter materials, the high quality anthracite  filter material has the following advantages:
1 due to the rough surface of the coal particles, there is a good adsorption capacity,
2 porosity is greater than 50% and therefore has a higher capacity for pollution,
3 because of the light weight, the low intensity of the required back flushing strength can be saved, and the amount of the water quantity and the electric energy can be saved.
4 good solid particle retention capacity, so no tobacco coal can reliably improve suspended particulate removal capacity.
5 its uniformity coefficient is low, which helps to speed up the flow rate.

High quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good: anthracite filter material applications is widely used in water treatment.

1 Anthracite filter material and quartz sand filter material with the use of the current promotion of the filter tank, double rapid filter and three layer filter of the best materials. It is not used in the water treatment process, and it is not used as a cushion. Mainly in the fast filter and quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter material with the use of. Therefore, it is the most effective way to increase the sewage interception capacity and increase the filtration rate, reduce the engineering cost and reduce the floor area.

2 Anthracite  filter material and quartz sand filter material can be used in the purification of water purification treatment,
3 various types of sewage filter, water purification machinery filter
4 chemical, food, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper, printing and dyeing, before and after the production of water treatment.

It is the best use of the best, most companies are welcome to filter materials, I believe that anthracite filter material has become a”Rising Star”of water recycling of the day is not far away. Environmentally friendly and efficient low energy treatment process is the main trend of the development of wastewater treatment technology, and the filter technology of coal filter material occupies an important position in the purification of water quality.

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