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The wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable


Since the beginning of the industrial era, the problems of water pollution and environmental pollution have become more and more serious. People are gradually aware of the seriousness of the problem, sewage treatment is urgent, a variety of water treatment products in an endless stream. Anthracite filter material  which is the best treatment of sewage, well received by the major enterprises. Due to the wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable, many buyers want to buy.  So let's talk about it today!

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

There is Chinese poem "asked him what so clear, only to springhead". According to the survey data show that in 2013 -2015 years, China's domestic sewage emissions from 247.6 tons to 462.7 tons, the annual compound growth rate of 7.19%. With the accelerated process of urbanization in China, the rate of urbanization increased by 1 percentage points, there will be about ten million people to enter the town to live and live. If the current average annual per capita living waste water discharge average 65 tons of calculation, will bring at least 6.5 tons of sewage each year.

This sounds like an astronomical figure, the fact tells us that a large number of sewage discharge means that China's water treatment consciousness is weak, the sewage treatment plant regulatory loopholes should be made up as soon as possible. In the promotion of sewage treatment in the process of marketization, it is important to establish a diversified investment mechanism, this can be done by attracting private investment, encourage a variety of management methods, to guide social capital to participate in the construction and operation of sewage treatment facilities.

The wide use of anthracite filter material,  the development prospect is considerable: sewage treatment and filter

Ming Yang Anthracite filter material prospects in the field of sewage treatment , especially in the sewage treatment of power plant. Why anthracite filter material in the power plant sewage treatment effect is very good. Because of our water pollution elements, such as heavy metals, COD, sewage sludge, etc., these elements are not the same as dirt, you want a comprehensive treatment to select a variety of filter media.

Anthracite filter material with quartz sand filter material with the use of the current promotion of the double fast filter and three layer filter, filter tank filter, the best material. Ningxia Ming Yang activated carbon company technical staff to remind everyone to use the filter to filter the use of methods and matters needing attention:
1 the anthracite filter material with small relative density is distributed in the upper layer;
2 medium particle in the relative density of quartz sand distribution in the middle layer;
3 small particles with large relative density of the magnet layer filter material in the lower layer, such as the three layer of filter media pool.

Matters needing attention:
1 double media filtration, the upper layer is anthracite, quartz sand, bearing layer is pebbles.
Three in the same way, 2 layers of filter material filter, in order to improve the quality of the filter water, filter the filter bed to set up a single filter.

This design is particularly suitable for the filter material dirty after the back flushing, the filter will automatically stratified, the smaller the density in the upper, the greater the density in the lower.

The wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable:   anthracite filter material Applications is  widely

Anthracite filter material and quartz sand filter material can be used for the purification treatment of reclaimed water .
2 used in all kinds of sewage filters, water purification machinery filter chemical, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper, printing and dyeing, food and so on before and after the production of water quality treatment. I believe anthracite filter material has become a”Rising Star”of water recycling point the day and await for it.

Ming Yang is a company specializing in the production of water treatment products, our research and development of the Ming Yang anthracite filter material due to high performance, good quality, by many enterprises praise. Our principle is to provide you with high quality anthracite filter material ! Twenty years the credibility of the manufacturers to provide customers with anthracite filter material first-hand information. Welcome new and old customers Advisory procurement!

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