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Carbon additive manufacturer


Now with the development of science and technology, various functions of the carburant is developed. The industrial use of recarbonizer products more and more. Ming Yang company produces various types of carbon additive products, is a professional carbon additive manufacturer . Here for you to introduce the company's products.

 carbon additive

carbon additive

Type carburizing agent manufacturers —— Type of Carbon additive

The molten steel  carbon additive

With the continuous progress of metallurgical technology, in order to adapt to the intensification of smelting, steelmaking technology of high quality requirements in ladle carburizing agent used as a supplementary measure has been widely used. The company has developed the molten steel carburetion agent has high fixed carbon content, sulfur content is low, the advantages of stable carbon effect. In the use of smoke less, no pollution to the production environment, is an ideal material for the carbon steel.

Graphite carbon additive

High quality carbon additive generally refers to after graphitization of carburant, under the condition of high temperature, carbon atoms arranged in the microstructure of graphite, so called graphite. Graphite can reduce the content of impurities in the carburant, enhance the carbon content, reduce the content of sulfur and nitrogen.

Coal carbon additive

Coal carbon additive  using high quality raw material, reduce the volatilization temperature of 1300 degrees centigrade carbonization, to increase the fixed carbon content and density, strength, oxidation resistance and products.

It has the characteristics of high fixed carbon content, strong oxidation resistance, low content of harmful elements. In smelting process for reducing agent. Recarburizer is to complement the carbon content in liquid steel required for increasing carbon containing material.

Electric arc furnace steelmaking process, can add coke or anthracite as carburetant in charging. Due to its high ash content and volatile matter content, induction furnace melting cast iron is rarely used as a carburizing agent. Recarburizer for steelmaking is used properly can improve the quality of steel. For more details can see how carbon additive in the casting have a better application?

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Recarburizer purposes:

For casting, cast iron, cast steel castings, there will be a requirement for carbon, then carburetant suggests that to increase the carbon content in liquid iron, for example, commonly used in the melting charge for scrap, scrap iron, carbon, iron content is high, but the purchase price of scrap steel is to be a day, so as to increase the amount of iron scrap, reduce the amount, add carbon agent, can play a certain role in reducing the casting cost.

Using carburizing agent

In the smelting process, due to improper loading and excessive decarburization ingredients or other reasons, sometimes resulting in steel carbon content did not reach the top of the requirements, then to carbon in liquid steel. Recarburizer used a carbon electrode, iron powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder and coke powder. Smelting, high carbon steel, containing less impurities in oil Jiaozuo carburetant.

For BOF steelmaking using recarburizer requirement is high to low fixed carbon, ash, volatile matter and sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and other impurities, and dry, clean, moderate size.

Ningxia Ming Yang activated carbon company is a large-scale production and wholesale manufacturers, can provide customers with various types of recarbonizer. Our technical staff of the latest research and development of the Ming Yang carbon additive , because of good quality and strong function, reasonable price, welcome by the iron and steel enterprises! For more information about carburetant, please continue to pay attention to this website!


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