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Anthracite filter material can be used for the pretreatment of wastewater


The wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable . It can not only be used in various kinds of wastewater treatment, but also can be used for water purification.
Today, I will   introduce for you about one of its uses: anthracite filter material can be used for the pretreatment of wastewater .

Due to the relatively low cost and stable operation performance of biochemical treatment, the general industrial wastewater is treated by biochemical method, and the treatment of wastewater from some companies is mainly treated by biochemical method. But the discharged waste water contains organic substances that are resistant to microorganisms and are poisonous and harmful. Therefore, the wastewater must be pre treated before entering the biochemical pool, and the treatment is generally used to be called pretreatment before treatment. The objective is to minimize or remove harmful substances in waste water to ensure the normal operation of the microorganism in the biochemical pool.

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

In order to ensure that the treatment effect of wastewater is better, pretreatment is the most important process of biochemical method. The purpose of pretreatment is to remove impurities, bacteria, toxic and harmful substances in waste water and other microorganisms to remove completely, to ensure the normal operation of the follow-up work of the biochemical pool. However, the main function of the pretreatment process is anthracite filter material and quartz sand filter material.

Anthracite filter material is the use of high quality anthracite as raw material, after two times broken, three times of screening and refined processing. It has stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength and long service life, and is not easy to dissolve in acid, medium and alkaline water treatment .

The use of anthracite filter material is widely used.  1 anthracite filter material with quartz sand filter with the use of the current promotion of the double rapid filter and three layer filter, filter can filter the best use of materials.

2 can be used for double layer and three layer filter, all kinds of water filters, water purification machine filters water quality before and after .

3 chemical metallurgy, pharmaceutical, paper, printing and dyeing, food production, processing

4 Anthracite filter material and quartz sand filter material can be used for the purification treatment of reclaimed water .

High quality anthracite filter material used in deep coal mining and processing. It has a rough surface, with a certain specific surface area, porosity of about 50%, with a certain adsorption function, this is not the quartz sand filter material. Anthracite filter material is the main role of sewage interception capacity, can absorb the ash and suspended substances in water. High quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good, it is a kind of filter material of industry, electric power sewage and water quality pretreatment.

The role and characteristics of anthracite and quartz sand is not the same, but the two are complementary, plays an important role in the process of pretreatment, . Relative to anthracite filter material for its characteristics:

1 quartz sand filter material mechanical strength is higher than the hardness of anthracite filter material
2 quartz sand filter material is the most resistant to acid and alkali of the nature is the strongest, and anthracite filter material can only be used for the general treatment of acid and alkali water.
3 its role: quartz sand filter material can filter the suspended substances in water, especially the water containing glial, as long as the quartz sand filter material, on the basically colloidal suspended on the filter almost.

Which constitutes a preprocessing filter layer: multi media material is the high quality pebbles and quartz sand, anthracite filter material, the filter material according to the proportion and the particle size distribution in the filter tank body of scientific and orderly. For example, the proportion of large size of the pebbles on the bottom of the filter bed, the small proportion of the weight of the low proportion of anthracite leather material on the bottom.

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