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Anthracite filter material is a“ good medicine” for the treatment of water pollution


It has been thought that the economic damage caused by earthquake, flood, debris flow and other natural disasters is immeasurable. However, the damage caused by water pollution is very difficult to be paid attention to. In fact, the destruction of water pollution is devastating. It is urgent to find a medicine for the treatment of water pollution, otherwise it will not be able to survive. And anthracite filter material is a“ good medicine” for the treatment of water pollution .

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

South Korean media said the water shortage is the result of Chinese growth engine "toxin"; similarly, the American investment guru Mr. Rodgers believes that if China does not solve the water problems of their own, will not have China myth. The end of China prosperity is not a property bubble, but the water crisis; although it is inevitable that some exaggeration, but it is undeniable that this is indeed an important factor.

Compared with the industrial water treatment, the existence of the potential pollution of drinking water need to control from the source. Drinking water is a kind of easy to be ignored but also essential nutrients, water treatment, the filter must be a good choice.  and high quality anthracite filter material to purify the water quality is very good .

At present our country commonly used ideal filter water purification materials is anthracite, which has the advantages of sufficient mechanical strength; chemically stable, insoluble in general acidic, neutral and alkaline water. The anthracite filter material applications  is very wide, at present, the single layer, double layer, three layer filter is an indispensable good material, used in a variety of sewage treatment.

Among them,  anthracite filter material quality is an important link to determine the safety of water , the Ming Yang company production of anthracite filter material in full compliance with national standards. Has the following characteristics:

1 in the filter speed, the cycle of action, water quality stability and other aspects of a clear guarantee.

2 in the use of multi-layer filter media filter is not running coal, but also mixed layer, it is known for its inherent characteristics.

Ming Yang anthracite filter material is made of high quality anthracite coal through a series of refining process. The filter by the national Ministry of construction water treatment quality inspection center for identification of the indicators are in line with the standard of Ministry of agriculture, urban drainage and high quality filter materials for industrial water treatment.

Ming Yang the wide use of anthracite filter material, the development prospect is considerable . Currently mainly used for water treatment filter, is divided into two levels: Standard anthracite filter material and refined anthracite filter material .

1 refined anthracite filter material used in Ningxia anthracite (high quality large diameter carbon block diameter 3-8cm) formed by mechanical processing as raw materials, crushing and screening, two. With the appearance of gloss, a prismatic particulate, compression wear resistance, generally used for double layer and three layer filter.

Because of the strong adsorption capacity, high porosity, high pollution interception ability, and many advantages of the anthracite coal particles, it has a lot of advantages. Compared with similar products is very prominent, well received by enterprises. anthracite filter material has become a”Rising Star”of water recycling  is no doubt.

2 standard anthracite by using carbon block (0.5-1cm) after the selection, crushing, screening and processing. The appearance of gloss, a prismatic particulate, compression wear resistance, with a higher percentage of carbon. Standard anthracite filter material and quartz sand filter material can be used for the purification treatment of reclaimed water .

Description of the particle size of the anthracite filter material

(1) the size of the anthracite filter material for drinking water is: 0.8-1.2mm, 1.2-2mm;
(2)industrial water anthracite filter material particle size range is: 1-2mm, 2-4mm, 4-6mm.

3, in various particle size range of anthracite, less than the specified minimum size should not be greater than 3%, greater than the specified maximum size should not be greater than 2% .

In recent years, anthracite filter material products have occupied the water treatment market, has become a hot spot in the water treatment industry. Mainly because the use of anthracite filter material is widely , not only can be safely used in drinking water safety, and in industrial water filter is also common, is to improve the water quality of the best filter.

Ningxia Ming Yang activated carbon company is a specialized production and processing of various types of water treatment materials of large manufacturers, whether it is product quality or sales price is very satisfactory. We only provide you with high quality anthracite filter material ! Welcome new and old customers to order our products, we will be the first time to provide you with relevant information!

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