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Different specifications of the Columnar activated carbon


Introduction of columnar activated carbon: high quality coal columnar activated carbon, coconut shell and wood chips as the raw material, through a series of precision machining made columnar activated depending on the raw material into columnar activated carbon coal and wood activated carbon column columnar activated carbon due to the appearance of a black cylindrical particles. Columnar activated carbon coal and wood activated carbon column because of different raw materials, the use will be different. The different sizes of columnar activated carbon is not the same.

Production technology and production process of wood columnar activated carbon coal columnar activated carbon having a similar, different specifications of the columnar activated carbon are carefully selected anthracite, milling, mixing, extrusion into strips, dried, carbonization, activation, screen points, the final packaging and storage. Ningxia Ming Yang columnar activated carbon has a well-developed internal porosity, and therefore has a good adsorption performance, after extrusion machine, it has a high mechanical strength, and easy regeneration, and low cost.

 columnar activated carbon

columnar activated carbon

Columnar activated carbon Specifications are commonly used:

Iterm Iodine(mg/g) Propotion(m2/g) Bulk Density(g/m3) Hardness(%) Moisture(%) PH Size Ash(%)
Data 550-1200 800-900 0.45-0.55 >95 <5 >7 8-30目 <5

High quality coal columnar activated carbon Common Specifications: 1.5 mm; 3.0 mm; 4.0 mm; 6.0 mm; 8.0 mm

Different specifications of different uses activated carbon column, columnar activated carbon commonly use are as follows:

1. purify domestic sewage, industrial water purification treatment preliminary, and drinking water.

2. The gas adsorption, oil and water separation, mainly for oil refineries, gasoline stations recovery and recycling of organic solvents.

3. eliminate harmful gases, so commonly used in gas masks and automobile exhaust treatment.

But the latest applications for activated carbon in wastewater treatment, we can further refine because columnar activated carbon use different specifications of different, specific performance is as follows:

4.0 mm cylindrical activated carbon is mainly used in sewage treatment and waste disposal; 3.0 mm columnar activated carbon is mainly used for drinking water purification; 1.5 mm is commonly used in air columnar activated carbon adsorption, absorption of harmful gases.

Ningxia Ming Yang Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of activated carbon from the selection of raw materials to the final packaging and storage have strict quality control.

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