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How long the activated carbon can be used?


Recently,The customer often ask Ningxia Mingyang activated carbon company:Hong long your activated carbon can be used? Normally, we can not accurately determine how long the activated carbon can be used. Because if the classification of activated carbon is different ,and the saturation period is also different. In comparison,columnar activated carbon adsorption carbon is relatively large. But it is also similar with the absorption of harmful gas, and the desorption of adsorbed substances on the frequency.

Although it is impossible to calculate how long the activated carbon can be used accurately? However, according to activated carbon adsorption to judge, there are some experience can be followed. For example: generally,after use of about 20 days , we need take it out in the sun about three hours, when the sun is weak ,we need more than an hour or two to dry. We do like this ,in order to desorption by adsorption of water molecules, the release of its occupation of a large number of activated carbon Within the space, so that may be repeated for 6-10 months.

Above of the content is experience only, for this problem, we need to be as the case may be. In general, Nut shell activated carbon can be recycled. But It also according shell activated carbon applications, such as water treatment applications, the more serious pollution, the shorter time can be use; the other hand, the lighter the pollution, the longer service life. Moreover, the quantity of application also will affect how long activated carbon can be used.


How long the activated carbon can be used? Is there any criteria to judge it? Yes, the following with this issue to consult the Mingyang activated carbon technical staff, we work together to study the impact of activated carbon under the parameters of the use of time:

1, decolorization: activated carbon adsorption capacity of another performance is the ability to decolorize, activated carbon can have a colored liquid into a light or colorless magic, this is actually because the activated carbon adsorption of colored liquid pigment molecules causes . Because of this characteristic of activated carbon, is widely used in the sugar industry in the field of brown sugar to sugar in the production process. Therefore, if the decolorization ability is poor, that is, activated carbon needs to be replaced, or no matter used.

2, iodine value: the iodine value is a performance difference of coconut shell activated carbon, activated carbon raw material iodine value from 800,850,900,950,1000,1100mg / g and other adsorption capacity is also different! Therefore, if you want to get accurate data does not work, you can directly test iodine adsorption value.

3, the product composition: Activated carbon is a high-quality raw materials, through the cremation - crushing - catalytic filtration - activation - bleaching - catalyst regeneration - steam drilling production, but also the use of zinc chloride production. So the activated carbon has a well-developed mesoporous structure, large adsorption capacity, rapid filtration and other characteristics. Therefore, the material is different from the production process, the use of activated carbon cycle is also different.

Above is the Mingyang activated carbon for the majority of customers can summarize the total length of activated carbon can be used in the calculation of activated carbon replacement cycle calculation Cases is also slightly introduced, Mingyang coconut shell activated carbon is mainly applied to a variety of amino acid industry, refined sugar decolorization, It can decolorize, purify, deodorize and purify the high pigment solution, such as monosodium glutamate industry, glucose industry, starch sugar industry, chemical additives, dye intermediates, food additives and pharmaceutical preparations.

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