• Coal-based granular activated carbon

    Coal-based granular activated carbon

    The coal-based granular activated carbon is made of high quality anthracite as raw material and refined by advanced technology.The appearance is black cylindrical particles.The coal granular activated carbon has reasonable pore structure, good adsorption perfo...


  • Coconut shell gold activated carbon

    Coconut shell gold activated carbon

    product description Coconut shell gold activated carbon is made from high quality coconut shell in Southeast Asia and is refined by physical method and high temperature steam activation process. The gold activated carbon has uniform particle size, high mechani...


  • Gold extraction of activated carbon

    Gold extraction of activated carbon

    In recent years, more and more activated carbon are used in precious metals extraction process, preferred type of activated carbon is coconut shell activated carbon. Next I will lead you to Learn more about coconut shell activated carbon as Mingyang activated ...


  • Wood Granular Activated Carbon

    Wood Granular Activated Carbon

    活性炭的种类很多,通常根据活性炭的材料和外观对活性炭进行分类.煤活性炭、木材活性炭、壳活性炭、石油活性炭和再生碳.木粉活性炭, 木质柱状活性炭和木质粒状活性炭今天我们将重点讨论木质粒状活性炭. No.1 Definition of Wood Granular Activated Carbon Wood Granular Activated Carbon is produced by activating of activator such as wood chips, coconut shell, shell an...


  • Coal Activated Carbon

    Coal Activated Carbon

    With the development of industrial technology, extensive application of activated carbon in the field of environmental protection is known to us, classification of activated carbon is also increasing. Today the editor will lead us to learn about one of the cla...


  • Wood powdered activated carbon

    Wood powdered activated carbon

    带着活性炭在工业中普遍使用,来源于许多种。特别是粉状活性炭在糖业中被净化,漂白剂尤其突出,受到厂家的青睐。这么多粉末活性炭产品享有盛誉。今天我们谈论的是最流行的粉末活性炭:木粉活性炭. wood powdered activated carbon Wood powdered activated carbon - production methods Ming Yang decolorized with  powdered activated carbon is chosed  high quality wood s...


  • nut shell activated carbon

    nut shell activated carbon

    Nut shell activated carbon of their hardness, the ideal proportion, porous, and by the special physical and chemical treatment (pigments, fat, grease removal and clean), process it in water with a strong degreasing, in addition to solid particles, easy backwas...


  • Honeycomb activated carbon

    Honeycomb activated carbon

    Activated carbon variety, functional use is also very wide. commonly activated carbon such as: nut shell activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, coal activated carbon, wood activated carbon four categories. If by function is more. Xiao Bian today to ...


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