• Gold extraction of activated carbon

    Gold extraction of activated carbon

    In recent years, more and more activated carbon are used in precious metals extraction process, preferred type of activated carbon is coconut shell activated carbon. Next I will lead you to Learn more about coconut shell activated carbon as Mingyang activated ...


  • Wood Granular Activated Carbon

    Wood Granular Activated Carbon

    There are many types of activated carbon,usually we classify activated carbon in accordance with the material and the appearance of the activated carbon.According to the material,we classify activated carbon as Coal activated carbon, wood activated carbon, she...


  • Coal Activated Carbon

    Coal Activated Carbon

    With the development of industrial technology, extensive application of activated carbon in the field of environmental protection is known to us, classification of activated carbon is also increasing. Today the editor will lead us to learn about one of the cla...


  • Wood powdered activated carbon

    Wood powdered activated carbon

    With the activated carbon in the industry in general use, derived from many species. Especially powdered activated carbon is purified in the sugar industry, bleaching is particularly outstanding, favored by the manufacturers. So many powdered activated carbon ...


  • nut shell activated carbon

    nut shell activated carbon

    Nut shell activated carbon of their hardness, the ideal proportion, porous, and by the special physical and chemical treatment (pigments, fat, grease removal and clean), process it in water with a strong degreasing, in addition to solid particles, easy backwas...


  • Honeycomb activated carbon

    Honeycomb activated carbon

    Activated carbon variety, functional use is also very wide. commonly activated carbon such as: nut shell activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, coal activated carbon, wood activated carbon four categories. If by function is more. Xiao Bian today to ...


  • Wooden columnar activated carbon

    Wooden columnar activated carbon

    Today, with the growing market demand, activated carbon buyers continue to be welcome and favor. Charcoal own strengths and needs of today's market coincide. Demand in the market gave birth to the gradual emergence of a variety of functional activated carbon p...


  • High quality coal columnar activated carbon

    High quality coal columnar activated carbon

    High quality coal columnar activated carbon product description: This product is made of high quality anthracite as raw material, the use of advanced technology refined processing, the appearance of a black cylindrical particles; pore structure with a reasonab...


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