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Wood Granular Activated Carbon


活性炭的种类很多,通常根据活性炭的材料和外观对活性炭进行分类.煤活性炭、木材活性炭、壳活性炭、石油活性炭和再生碳.木粉活性炭, 木质柱状活性炭木质粒状活性炭今天我们将重点讨论木质粒状活性炭.

No.1 Definition of Wood Granular Activated Carbon

Wood Granular Activated Carbon is produced by activating of activator such as wood chips, coconut shell, shell and other high-quality raw materials.According to the production of raw materials,Wood Granular Activated Carbon is divided into coconut shell activated carbon and granular activated carbon shell,etc.Wood granular activated carbon is the use of advanced technology processing and refining, screening made of wood activated carbon.

No.2 Characteristics of Wood Granular Activated Carbon

Characteristics of Wood Granular Activated Carbon is in line with Common types of granular activated carbon and its advantages.Its appearance is usually black granules,non-toxic and tasteless,it has large developed pores and specific surface area.Activated carbon activated by high-temperature activated carbon iodine value as high as 1500 or more. According to the Introduction of activated carbon activation method,The Activated carbon adsorption by mechanical kneading and heat treatment is more than several times higher than before.In this case,Nut shell activated carbon for wastewater treatment effect is very good.So Wood Granular Activated Carbon has specific mechanical strength and adsorption capacity.If add pore-forming agent in the ingredients and use calcination activation, no additional activator, the system of Wood Granular Activated Carbon has a good quality indicators.

Wood Granular Activated Carbon

powdered activated carbon


The results show that the activated charcoal made from wood of Chinese fir branch (sawdust) is better than coal activated charcoal and Nut shell granular carbon, which is made up of special composite binder by grinding, bonding and carbonization.

Performance Indexes of Wood Granular Activated Carbon:the adsorption capacity of methylene blue was 155-170 mL/g, the decolorization rate of caramel A was above 100%, the ash content was below 4% and the strength was more than 95% .The pore distribution was mainly mesopore, reaching 50%-65%.

No.3 Application of Wood Granular Activated Carbon

Wood Granular Activated Carbon has the characteristics of easy repeated regeneration, economic durability and low cost,etc.Through mechanical kneading and heat treatment wood granular activated carbon has excellent mechanical strength so that the use of Wood Granular Activated Carbon is more wide.The following is a summary about the Application Wood Granular Activated Carbon of the editor , hope that helps the majority of customers.

Extensive application of activated carbon has been well known, the following is mainly for the application of Wood Granular Activated Carbon.  Wood Granular Activated Carbon is mainly used in: gas purification, gas adsorption, waste gas treatment,referring to "How can activated carbon adsorb harmful gases";drinking water, purified water, tap water, industrial water purification, Medicinal decolorization activated carbon,desulfurization dechlorination, deodorant; monosodium glutamate, oil decolorization refined, desiccant, liquor Degrease turbidity, pharmaceutical refining purification; granular activated carbon on the deodorization of xylose a decolorization effect, after decolorization sugar transmission value 70% And meet the requirements for preparation of refined xylose; extraction of precious metals in metallurgical industry, catalyst carrier for petrochemical industry, catalyst for synthesis of phosgene; gas masks, filter ventilation equipment.

The above is the introduction of Mingyang Wood Granular Activated Carbon , Mingyang activated carbon company provide Wood Granular Activated Carbon iodine value 1200-1500 or so.Mingyang Wood Granular Activated Carbon stands at the first place, follow Mingyang, Mingyang will take you to study how to Use of activated carbon should be some safety awareness to prove that Mingyang activated carbon has high quality.

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