• Petroleum coke

    Petroleum coke

    production process PETroleum coke is a product obtained by separating crude oil from heavy oil by distillation and then thermally cracking the heavy oil. From the appearance, coke is a black block of irregular shape and size. Shape (or granule), metallic luste...


  • Low sulfur carburant

    Low sulfur carburant

    Mingyang Carbon additive is divided into wood carbon agent, Coal carbon additive, carbon by carbon agent and graphite carbon agent according to the different raw materials,which under a variety of categories with many small species. The following describes the...


  • Coal carbon additive

    Coal carbon additive

    Coal carbon additive  - recarburizerprofile: carbon additive there are many kinds of raw materials, the production process is also different. The classification of carbon additive roughly the several: wood carbon, carbon coal, coke, graphite etc.. High quality...


  • Cast iron carbon additive

    Cast iron carbon additive

    In recent years, the pace of development of the foundry industry is very fast, especially with the development of the market, low-cost market has become an indispensable element, therefore, carbon additive during casting use, can significantly increase the amo...


  • Graphite carbon additive

    Graphite carbon additive

    First, the definition of carbon graphite carbon addtitive : Graphite carbon agent is important  product with  the classification of carbon additive, the largest category, is the day by burning carbonaceous mineral separation carefully selected, high-temperatur...


  • High quality carbon additive

    High quality carbon additive

    Ming Yang activated charcoal company's main products: activated carbon, carbon agent, filter, garnet , medical stone, polyacrylamide, and other products. Today Xiaobian to introduce a steelmaking, casting products: high quality carbon additive . carbon additiv...


  • Type of Carbon additive

    Type of Carbon additive

    Referring The classification of carbon additive, Type of Carbon additive can be divided into the following categories: In accordance with purpose into the casting: ductile iron carbon agent, carbon agent gray iron, cast carbon agent, special  Carbon additive ...


  • The classification of carbon additive

    The classification of carbon additive

    Carbon additive plays a role in cupola melting, is to minimize the amount of charge of pig iron using carbon agent to ensure a high carbon equivalent, relative increase in the amount of scrap. Thus, under conditions of high temperature melting, can be obtained...


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