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Coal carbon additive  - recarburizerprofile:

carbon additive there are many kinds of raw materials, the production process is also different. The classification of carbon additive roughly the several: wood carbon, carbon coal, coke, graphite etc..
High quality carbon additive  generally refers to after graphitization of carburant, under the condition of high temperature, carbon atoms arranged in the microstructure of graphite, so called graphite. It has high carbon, low sulfur, low water content and low cost and high cost performance.

Why after graphitization of carburant quality is relatively high? This is because the graphite can reduce the content of impurities in the carburant carburant, increasing carbon content, reducing sulfur content. Purified carburetant for cast steel (steel) and iron casting carburizing.

 carbon additive

carbon additive

Coal carbon additive -- commonly used at present in China can be divided into 3 kinds:

One is the graphite powder, graphite electrode powder is vacuum processing, used for graphite carbon additive .

Two is the graphite fossil fuel coke, is also used in the steelmaking, to do the petroleum coke carbon agent.

The three is after petroleum coke, some domestic steel plant, is used after petroleum coke, made of carburizing agent.

Coal carbon additive -- carburant purposes can be divided into several categories: 1 For the melting process: 2 induction furnace by carbon; 3 cupola furnace by carbon; 4.pairs linking process by carbon  5. The ladle furnace with the flow by carbon .

Coal carbon additive --The characteristics of  high quality carbon additive :

1 the particle size is moderate, the porosity is big, the absorption speed is fast.

2 the chemical composition of pure, high carbon, low sulfur, extremely harmful ingredients, high absorption rate.

3 the graphite crystal structure of the product is good, and the nucleation ability of the original liquid iron is improved. Increase the number of nodular cast iron in the inoculation of nodular graphite nucleation, increase in the electric furnace molten iron. Distribution of fine and uniform fossil ink in the casting.

4 excellent performance and stability. Choose the appropriate cast iron carbon additive helps reduce smelting production cost, improve the quality of metal smelting and casting.

Carbon additive index :

Specification Fixed Carbon% sulfur% nitrogen% moisture% Ash% Volatile%
3-6mm 98 0.02 0.01 0.5 0.5 0.5
3-6mm 96 0.03 0.01 0.8 1 0.7
1-5mm 95 0.05 0.01 1 2 1
1-5mm 92 0.05 0.01 1 3

Coal carbon additive-- graphitization recarburizer product usage:

1 in the furnace is placed at the bottom of 1/3 charge will be calculated after the product is placed in charge, (put part of the material after the furnace put recarburizer)

2 and then put the remaining charge on it according to the requirements, such as the above charge large should put some more crushing burden of pressure on the carburant, to prevent the floating effect absorption rate.

3 carbon agent added is 1-3% of metal, the user can also adjust itself according to the requirements of the quality of the products. Recarburizer is characteristic of carbon in liquid iron absorption effect is good, do not return slag, can greatly reduce the production cost of castings using recarburizer.

The recommended " How carbon additive in the casting have a better application?  "

Coal carbon additive-- carbon additive use:

1. 5 tons of electric furnace, recommended to join the law. According to the carbon content requirements according to ingredients than the carburant and metal charge with other ingredients to join electric furnace bottom part.

2.  Use 2-3 tons of intermediate frequency induction furnace, the recommended concentration addition method in hot melt furnace part or remaining a small amount of hot metal, will need to add recarburizer one-time add in the hot metal surface, and immediately add metal charge, will press the carburant all into molten iron, molten iron and carbon additives make full contact.

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