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Petroleum coke


production process
PETroleum coke is a product obtained by separating crude oil from heavy oil by distillation and then thermally cracking the heavy oil. From the appearance, coke is a black block of irregular shape and size. Shape (or granule), metallic luster, coke particles have a porous structure, the main element composition is carbon, accounting for 80wt% (WT is the English abbreviation for Weight is the weight percentage.
Product Features
5WT% is equivalent to 50,000 PPM ((PPM is in millions).)), and the rest are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metal elements. Petroleum coke has its own physical, chemical and mechanical properties. It is itself a non-volatile carbon in the heating part. Volatile matter and mineral impurities (sulfur, metal compounds, water, ash, etc.) determine the chemical properties of coke.

Petroleum coke

Petroleum coke

Use effect
Petroleum coke can be used in the industries of graphite, smelting and chemical industry depending on its quality. Low-sulfur, high-quality cooked coke, such as needle coke, is mainly used to manufacture ultra-high-power graphite electrodes and some special carbon products. In the steel-making industry, needle coke is an important material for developing new technologies for electric steelmaking. Medium sulfur, ordinary cooked coke, used in large quantities for aluminum smelting. High sulfur and ordinary coke are used in chemical production, such as the manufacture of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc., as well as fuel for metal casting.
China Petroleum Coke
Most of the petroleum coke produced in China is low-sulfur coke, which is mainly used for aluminum smelting and graphite production. It is mainly used for the production of carbon products, such as graphite electrodes and anode arcs, for steel making, non-ferrous metals, and aluminum smelting; for making carbonized silicon products, such as various grinding wheels, sand sheets, sandpaper, etc.; Production of synthetic fiber, acetylene and other products; can also be used as a fuel, but when used as a fuel, it needs to be super-finely pulverized by a graded impact mill. After the coke powder is made by JZC-1250 equipment, it can be burned, and the coke powder is used as fuel. Mainly some glass factories, coal water slurry plants, etc.

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