• Rare earth porcelain sand

    Rare earth porcelain sand

    No.1 Rare earth porcelain sand profile Rare earth porcelain sand filter is close to the spherical gray-white filter, use high-quality kaolin as raw materials, blending a certain amount of pore-forming agent, binder. Through the mud, molding, drying and firing ...


  • Ion exchange resin

    Ion exchange resin

    No.1 Ion exchange resin profile Ion exchange resin is with functional groups (exchangeable ion active groups), with a network structure, insoluble polymer compounds, usually it is spherical particles, it can exchange its own ions and the same number of ions in...


  • Activated alumina ball

    Activated alumina ball

    No.1 Introduction of activated alumina ball Active alumina ball, also known as activated alumina, is white spherical porous particles with particle size uniformity and smooth surface; has mechanical strength, moisture absorption, not swelling after water and d...


  • Sea sand

    Sea sand

    No.1 Sea sand profile Natural sea sand refers to the erosion by the sea without desalination of sand, and more from the junction of sea water and rivers place, sea sand in numerous waves under the action of high friction, the sand surface smooth, granular roun...


  • Molecular sieve

    Molecular sieve

    No.1 Molecular sieve profile Molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate compound with cubic lattice. It has a uniform micropore structure and can adsorb molecules smaller than its diameter to the inside of the cavity. The pore diameter is uniform. Molecular ...


  • Walnut shell

    Walnut shell

    No.1 Walnut shell profile Walnut shell use high quality pecan shell as raw material, after crushing, polishing, steaming, drug treatment, screening and processing into a unique water treatment filter, the appearance of luster, brown. Walnut shell filter has go...


  • Natural manganese sand filter material

    Natural manganese sand filter material

    Natural manganese sand filter material production process: natural manganese sand filter is made from natural manganese sand or manganese ore as raw material, after crushing processing, and repeatedly sieved to be processed into different content of manganese ...


  • Water treatment volcanic biological filter material

    Water treatment volcanic biological filter material

    With the accelerated process of industrialization, more and more serious water shortages, water has become an important factor restricting economic development. And most of our existing water sources are contaminated, less and less available water. In this cas...


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