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Anthracite filter material


1  Mingyang  Anthracite filter material meaning
Anthracite filter is a water treatment filter materials, is made of high quality anthracite as raw material, the selection of broken, powder screening process is commonly used double, three layers of filtering material quickly. Anthracite filter media is three layers of filter material, the most important layer, because its face directly to the sewage is sewage filtering of the first layer of the filter material, if can not accurately grasp the anthracite filter media thickness, it will cause unnecessary losses.

2,Mingyang Anthracite filter material characteristics
Anthracite filter media appearance luster good, spherical, high mechanical strength, good compression performance, stable chemical property, does not contain toxic substances, abrasion resistance, in acidic, neutral, alkaline water not dissolved, also anthracite particle rough surface, good adsorption capacity, filter diameter distribution reasonable, area porosity (equal to or more than 52%) and high containing dirty ability, because of the quality of light, the backwashing intensity is low, save a large number of anti washing water and electricity.

3,MingyangAnthracite filter material technical requirements:
1, anthracite filter material of the crushing rate and wear rate and should not be greater than 3% (according to the percentage of quality plan, the same below).
2, anthracite filter material, the average density is generally not less than 1.4g/cm3, not more than 1.6g/cm3.
3, anthracite filter material should not contain mud, shale and foreign debris. The content should not be greater than 3%, the density greater than 1.8g/cm3 of material content should not be greater than 8%.
4, anthracite filter material hydrochloric acid soluble rate should not be greater than 3.5%.

Anthracite filter material

Anthracite filter material

4,MingyangAnthracite filter material uses
1, anthracite filter media with quartz sand filter material with use is currently widely in the wastewater treatment of double quick filter and three layer filter, filter can filter the best materials. Is to improve the filter speed increase per unit area of the water and improve the sewage interception capacity, reduce the project cost and reduce the occupied area of the most effective ways. Anthracite filter media is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, thermal power, pharmaceutical, paper making, printing and dyeing, food production and water quality process.
2, anthracite filter media in water treatment process, adsorption and interception of water suspended solids, Xuzhuang materials. Bacteria and harmful substances will be with the turbidity reduce and reduce. Anthracite filter media is through mechanical processing, screening, grading process, granular approximate sphere was more angular, void ratio reasonable, stable physical and chemical properties, high strength, high density. Widely used in various types of double layer, three layer filter.

Characteristics of anthracite in activated carbon factory:

5,Ming Yang anthracite is particularly from the deep mineral concentration, has the highest percentage of carbon content, using artificial classification, can reduce extraneous minerals and lower ash content, anthracite filter through the filtering and washing, ensure the suitable water filtration, due to the ability to maintain a good solid particles, so the anthracite can reliably improve the ability to remove suspended particles, in addition our factory manufacturing washing anthracite filter media is urban construction Department of water treatment filter media Testing Center for the quality of product standards, its low coefficient of uniformity, to accelerate the velocity of flow.

6,MingyangAnthracite filter material particle size:
in a variety of particle size range of anthracite filter material, less than the specified minimum size should not be greater than 3%, greater than the specified maximum size should not be greater than 2%.

7,Analysis on physical properties of anthracite filter material (taking 0.8-1.8 as an example)

Analysis project unit Data analysis Analysis project unit Data analysis
Mud content ≤2 Wash rate ≤95
Specific gravity g/cm3 1.6 Density greater than 1.8g/cm3 ≤6%
Wear rate ≤0.35 Effective particle size
Broken rate ≤0.35 Nonuniform coefficient (K80) ≤2
Hydrochloric acid soluble rate ≤0.70 porosity 52.65
Burning weight ≤0.98 capacity 0.947g/cm3

Ningxia Ming Yang Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. is the production of anthracite, coke filter, quartz sand filter, garnet and other media professional water treatment material manufacturers. Factory is located in Asia's largest production base of activated carbon in China Ningxia Pingluo Rhombomys Industrial Park, for customers all over the world provided for high-quality anthracite filter media, telephone consultation: 086-182-9502-3799.


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