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Medical stone


The Introduction of medical stone 1

Medical stone is a natural silicate salt content, is a kind of neutral alkaline igneous rocks, close to the volcanic rocks. Scientific name: quartz monzonite. Medical stone for non-toxic, harmless and have a certain biological activity of composite mineral or medicinal rock. Medical stone is the main chemical composition of the inorganic silicon aluminate. The medical stone is a kind of natural drug ore, containing essential potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus constant elements and zinc, iron, selenium, copper, strontium, iodine, fluorine, partial silicate 18 kinds of trace elements, etc.

The Introduction of medical stone 2

Medical stone contains aluminum salts (feldspar) silicate, adsorption ability of pigment and bacteria, if the medical stone grind into powder, enhanced ion dissolution and adsorption. Medical stone processing turned water into water with + and - groups of water. Medical stone can absorb the water ions, medical stone, after water soluble out to the human body and organisms useful elements of constant K, Ca, Mg and Si, Fe, zinc, Cu, Mo, Se, Mn, Sr, Li, Co, Cr, Ni, V, I, Ge, Ti and other trace elements, can dissolve in aqueous solution of medical stone out of the amino acids necessary to human body.

The Introduction of medical stone 3

Medical stone ball indicates that the function of organism, the adsorption effect of medical stone, can eliminate the intestines toxic substances, adsorption ability of bacteria to a certain extent, medical stone tested contains 58 kinds of elements and trace elements beneficial to the body, more important is many mineral elements is the activity of enzymes in organisms, can stimulate the activity of enzymes, improve the catalysis of enzymes, thus improve the metabolic function, promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients, enhance disease-resistant ability, promote the growth and development

The Introduction of medical stone 4

Medical stone  ore pellets with high quality medical stone as raw material, add a small amount of electrical stone powder, after the special craft processing and become, have extremely strong adsorption and air suction, is a kind of sterile non-toxic pollution-free water mineralization agent. Including SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 FeO, MgO style, CaO, K2O, Na2O, TiO2, P2O5 and MnO, contains all the animals constant elements, such as: K, Na, Ca, Mg, Cu, Mo, such as trace elements and rare earth elements, about 58.

The Introduction of medical stone 5

Purifying water quality: the role of medical stone mineralization and new biological activity of water, improve the body's physiological function and two-way to adjust the PH of water features. If drinking by medical stone ball soaking water for a long time, can protect liver Jian Wei, diuresis, stable blood pressure, promote the loops, preventing cancer, prolong life, skin beauty, strong bones, the development intelligence, promoting development, hemostasis swelling, medical stone balls are widely used in medical and health care, food and health, environmental protection, quality improvement and beverage, wine, medicine, deodorant, crops and flower cultivation, poultry, aquaculture and other industries.

Introduction of medical stone six for water purification

Medical stone

Medical stone

Contains natural mineral of medical stone  is easy to release from the medical stone in countless holes release oxygen. By absorbing the bleaching powder and other toxic substances purify water. Medical stone emanates in minerals such as calcium, iron, sodium, improvement of drinking water. Through tap water test can be seen that medical stone removal of bleaching powder features shown in the following table: tap water after 20 minutes 40 minutes after 60 minutes, 80 minutes after 100 points and 0.5 ppm0.3 ppm0.2 ppm0.1 ppm0.05 PPM is undetectable

The effectiveness of medical stone introduction seven - medical stone is used to feed

Using medical stone can make poultry more robust. Through the analysis of medical stone powder and decomposition, found that medical stone consists of more than 25000 kinds of ingredients. Medical stone can have very good taste, add milk production, prevent feeding disorders, reduce the smell of the waste, help animals strong (make sure).

The effectiveness of medical stone introduction eight - medical stone used for gardening

Medical stone in gardening is mainly used in meat plants grow more, potted pavement, meaty plant grows mainly use 1-4 mm specifications of the medical stone. Meaty plant with us after five times work point screen, ensure the quality of the products. Can medical stone and vermiculite, perlite, nutritional soil mixing, but the whole medical stone grow much better now South Korea planting more meat basic use full medical stone.

The characteristics of the medical stone introduction nine - Ningxia Ming Yang medical stone

Ningxia Ming Yang activated carbon co., LTD., the production of medical stone ball is made of high quality medical stone as raw materials, through special process, it is better than the original ore with a strong adsorption and air suction, is a kind of sterile non-toxic pollution-free water mineralization agent. Has the mineralized water quality purification, new biological activity of water, improve the body's physiological function and two-way regulating acid and alkaline water features such as read. Ming Yang activated carbon production in ningxia medical stone is, by its dissolution of zinc and partial silicate content close to and up to the national drinking water standards, respectively, by the health and epidemic prevention departments toxicology experiment and radioactive detection, non-toxic harmless. Product specifications: 2-3, 4-5,8,10,15,20,25,35 (mm) product features slightly rough surface, immerse in aquatic product color a little darker, can precipitate a variety of trace elements and minerals necessary for human. It is widely used in water dispenser water purifiers sauna bath fish flowers, etc. Can be customized according to customer demand for processing.

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