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Polyacrylamide Introduction


Polyacrylamide Introduction I:
Polyacrylamide referred PAM, commonly known as flocculants or cohesion agent, sub-cationic, anionic, the molecular weight between 400-1800 million, the product appearance is white or yellowish powder, soluble in water. Especially acidic and acidic water, organic matter and suspended red mud flocculation and sedimentation tour mud-liquid separation effect, with less. Low cost of water, water-soluble polymers, insoluble in most organic solvents, has good flocculation can reduce the frictional resistance between the liquid, the flocculant can not be replaced by other products. Can be used as water treatment additives, low cost of water, flocculant can not be replaced by other products.

Polyacrylamide Introduction II:

 Index Name Quality Index Index Name Quality Index
Exterior White particulate Solid content% ≥90%
Molecular weight (M) 400-1800 million ≤0.1%
Single residue content%
Intrinsic viscosity 500-2000 Highest solubility (g/l)15
Dissolution time 30-60 minutes The concentration of dissolved common (g/l)5

Polyacrylamide Profile III
1. flocculation: PAM allows suspended material by charge neutralization, bridging adsorption, flocculation effect.
2. adhesion: PAM through mechanical, physical, chemical effect, from the bonding effect.
3. The reduction in resistance: PAM can effectively reduce fluid friction, can be added to the water trace PAM 50-80% reduction in resistance.
4. thickening: PAM under neutral and acidic conditions are thickening effect, when the PH value above 10 PAM easy hydrolysis, was semi-mesh structure, thickening more obvious.

Polyacrylamide Introduction IV:
1. flocculation principle: PAM used flocculation, the flocs are species with surface properties, especially PH value of zeta potential, viscosity, turbidity and suspension related potentiodynamic particle surface, the particles are added to the polymerization reasons surface charge opposite PAM, make potentiodynamic reduced and cohesion.
2. Adsorption bridging: PAM molecular chains immobilized on the surface of different particles, forming bridges between the polymer particles, the particles form aggregates of settlement.
3. Adsorption: various polar groups adsorption particles PAM molecule.
4. enhancement: PAM molecular chain and scattered through a variety of mechanical, physical, chemical and other effects, the dispersed phase implicated together to form a network to accelerate precipitation.



Polyacrylamide Introduction V:
1. Adoption of the small test to determine the best model, and the optimal dosage of the product, above a certain concentration, PAM flocculation not only did not, but the use of dispersion stability.
2. dubbed aqueous solution of 0.2% concentration of neutral utility (water) salt-free water is appropriate, the water temperature is below 5 ℃ dissolve very slowly when.
3. Suitable water PH value range widely, the general dosage 0.1-10ppm (0.1-10mg / L).
4. The stirring speed is generally 200 rev / min is appropriate, not less than 40 minutes, an appropriate increase in the water temperature 20-30 degrees Celsius, can accelerate the dissolution.
5.PAM solution should be done now with the existing, dissolved when the case was placed a long time, depending on the quality of their performance will be gradually reduced.
6. paper bag 25kg / bag (lined with plastic to plastic coated outer kraft paper bags) there are hygroscopic, it should be sealed and stored in a cool dry place.
Polyacrylamide Introduction VI:
1. for industrial wastewater treatment, for suspended particles, coarse, high concentrations of positively charged ions, water PH value is neutral or alkaline water, such as iron and steel plant wastewater, wastewater metallurgy, coal washing wastewater sewage treatment best.
2. For the oil industry, oil, drilling mud, waste mud treatment, to prevent water channeling, reduced friction, enhanced oil recovery, EOR has been widely used.
3. For textile sizing agents, serous stable performance, down less pulp, fabric breakage rate, clean cloth.
4. enhancers and other additives used in paper making, increase filler and pigment retention rate, the strength of paper (including dry strength and wet strength).
5. A method for dewatering sludge can choose the appropriate model of the product according to the nature of the sludge, which can effectively sludge dewatering, dehydration, floc produced large, non-stick filter cloth, filter press lingers, streaming cake thicker , dehydration, high efficiency, the cake moisture content below 80%.
6. used to river water for tap water treatment flocculant, with less effect, low cost, and more particularly inorganic coagulant (pac) composite results.
7. for domestic sewage and organic wastewater treatment, it will become effective treatment Flocculant Yangtze River, Yellow River and other watersheds have been widely used.
Polyacrylamide Introduction VII:
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