• Refractory mud

    Refractory mud

    I. Overview: As we all know, Refractory mud color similar to concrete, a lot of people will say that cement Refractory mud , then, in the end is not Refractory mud  cement it? It still needs to further our own understanding. For a more in-depth understanding o...


  • Zircon Sand

    Zircon Sand

    I.Zircon sand description: Also known as zircon sand , zircon is a zirconium silicate mineral of the main components of. Pure zircon sand is colorless and transparent crystals, but often because of different origin, different types and amounts containing impur...


  • Water knife sand

    Water knife sand

    I believe that many people see the water knife sand when the words will feel very confused, water knife sand is what? What is it for? In fact, water knife sand we are common in life, the following is my company for water knife sand made a brief introduction. I...


  • Iron Sand

    Iron Sand

    I believe martial arts drama watch friends all know that "Iron Palm" it, "Iron Palm" one by one and not one day excel, if you think our next story of "Iron Palm" It would be wrong, here we are talking about and the "Iron Palm" relationship, but it is iron sand...


  • Alumina powder

    Alumina powder

    I. Overview: In the rapid economic development, around us there have been many new things, these new things are on the basis of the original research, manufacturing, white fused alumina is the case, white fused alumina raw materials used is alumina powder, it ...


  • Sericite powder

    Sericite powder

    See this title when you will be wondering, sericite powder is what we only know that alumina powder. Do not worry, the following is my company for sericite powder made by the elaboration. I. An overview of sericite powder Sericite powder is a kind of mica powd...


  • Castable


    In life, there are a lot of us are not familiar with the words appear, sometimes we are too lazy to understand, this word as the name of a similar word to understand, sometimes the result of our understanding is wrong, and sometimes trouble a joke to avoid abs...


  • Kaolin


    That life is like a seed, hidden in the depths of life, in a mixture of black soil and clay of humanity, where, how many generations have left their wreckage. A great life, the task is to carve the life separated from the soil. Such growth takes a whole lifeti...


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