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That life is like a seed, hidden in the depths of life, in a mixture of black soil and clay of humanity, where, how many generations have left their wreckage. A great life, the task is to carve the life separated from the soil. Such growth takes a whole lifetime. "Soil" is often used as a symbol to inspire us, and we often see in life, but today the soil we have here described, you may not be clear, the following is our summary of kaolin for everyone, we want to have the help.

I.An overview of the kaolin

Kaolin is found in nature is very important to a clay mineral, in the absence of alkali and alkaline earth metals in an acidic medium, formed from igneous and metamorphic rocks of feldspar or other silicate minerals by weathering.

Kaolin is a kind of non-metallic mineral, is a kind of kaolinite clay minerals consisting mainly of clay and claystone. But because of the delicate white, also known as dolomite.

Kaolin was soft and earthy, with good plasticity, adhesion and fire resistance characteristics.



II.Kaolin Category:

1.Hard kaolin: hard, no plasticity, finely crushed with plasticity;

2.Soft kaolin: soft, strong plasticity, sandy mass fraction <50%;

3.Sandy clay: quality soft, weak plasticity, sandy mass fraction> 50%.

III.Use of kaolin:

1.Kaolin industrial use

Kaolin has become the paper, ceramics, rubber, chemicals, paints, pharmaceuticals and defense industries and dozens of mineral raw materials necessary.

Ceramic industry is the first application of kaolin, a larger amount of business. Kaolin has a certain plasticity, cohesiveness, suspension and binding capacity, and therefore in terms of ease of forming the ceramic industry.

2.Kaolin cosmetics applications

On Beauty, kaolin is typically used in the mask, it can be absorbed through the skin of oil and waste, clean the skin to remove dirt and calm soothe the fragile skin. By natural clay minerals replenish moisture and nutrients, balance oil secretion, making skin smoother and more elastic.

3.Kaolin any other purpose

① Paper coating can replace some of the expensive titanium dioxide;

② Paint, water-based latex paint;

③ Industrial plastic functional fillers, inks, foods, medicines, cosmetics, fillers and the like;

④ High white porcelain and special advanced ceramic materials.



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