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In life, there are a lot of us are not familiar with the words appear, sometimes we are too lazy to understand, this word as the name of a similar word to understand, sometimes the result of our understanding is wrong, and sometimes trouble a joke to avoid absurd us again today, our company will be for everyone from castable materials, properties, uses many analyzes, the following is our understanding of the castable.

I. Overview of castable

Castable is also known as refractory castable, is a kind of by binder was added into the refractory materials made of granular and powdered materials.Castable has high liquidity, high mechanical strength and good thermal shock, abrasion resistance and other properties, applicable to molding of monolithic refractories in pouring way.By refractory aggregate, powder, binder and additive, water or other liquid materials.General in using on-site pouring, vibration or tamping method of casting forming, also can be made into bricks.



II. The classification of the castable

Every product owned by a small products with different composition, such as fused alumina contains brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, black fused alumina, zirconium fused alumina, white fused alumina contains white fused alumina powder.

Castable is mainly according to classification of porosity, binder and aggregate type.In actual use are often classified by using temperature or functional features.

Divided by porosity of dense castable refractory and fire-resistant insulation material injection two kinds.

Divided by rigid binding agent bound water, chemical bonding, cohesion binding refractory castable.

Refractory aggregate divided by clay aggregate, high aluminum aggregate, siliceous aggregates, basic aggregate, aggregate and special insulation aggregate.

III. The use of castable

Castable is one of the production and the most widely used at present is not stereotypes refractories, to build all kinds of heating furnace lining the overall structure, can be used in the smelting furnace.

1. Glass kiln, colored flash furnace, ladle lining overall construction and other production.

2. Soaking furnace, furnace wall top overall construction production. Burner, slag ball, slag dam, a steel tank production of the intermediate package permanent lining.

3. RH vacuum degassing unit, SLKIP metallurgy whole gun, CHS and ladle brick gas and petrochemical, coal gasification plant with fused alumina brick using the site.

4. For harsh harsh conditions of the furnace, such as carbon black furnace reaction zone, combustion chamber, pipes and other furnace lining and insulation layer.

IV. Castable construction inspection and acceptance:

1. Castable construction process, each 20m2 quantities to be leaving in a test block, in order to check the performance of its main strength.

2. Where the hidden works covered, should be in the acceptance of concealed work, before entering the next process, which checks the following items:

(1) Insulation and anchoring brick, templates, etc. (check at any time);

(2) Anchors and anchoring device;

(3) Anti-loss measures;

(4) Embedded facilities;

After the hidden engineering inspection, should fill a single hidden works acceptance and construction unit after visa approval, completion data as one.

3. After the completion of sub-projects should be carried out in the middle date of acceptance, the inspection items are as follows:

(1) Masonry dimensions, lining thickness and the center line;

(2) The use of the material;

(3) Expansion joints, cracks between the blocks, horizontal, vertical, and surface roughness;

(4) Construction technology facilities and technology holes;

(5) The appearance inspection.



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