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Sericite powder


See this title when you will be wondering, sericite powder is what we only know that alumina powder. Do not worry, the following is my company for sericite powder made by the elaboration.

I. An overview of sericite powder

Sericite powder is a kind of mica powder, it belongs to the layered structure of silicate minerals.

Sericite powder is monoclinic crystal, the crystal is scaly, with silk gloss, pure block gray, purple rose, white, diameter ratio> 80, the specific gravity of 2.6-2.7, the hardness of 1-3. Its flexibility, bending, abrasion resistance and wear resistance, heat insulation, insoluble in acid-base solution, chemical stability.

Sericite powder chemical composition, structure, structure and kaolin similar, but also has some characteristics of clay minerals.

Sericite powder

Sericite powder

II. The advantages of sericite powder

1. Sericite powder diameter thickness is relatively large, can be as high as 80 or more, so sericite in the added paint, the film will be formed in a laminated stack. Sericite powder layered arrangement, not only can increase the media penetration distance, improve the anti-permeability coating, but also improve the sericite powder anti-scratch performance;

2. Sericite powder coating and ordinary paint, in the same environment test, sericite powder coating boiling water resistance to be significantly higher than ordinary paint;

3. Sericite powder itself is very good corrosion resistance, and also have excellent resistance to penetration, so sericite powder coating can play a good role in isolation of corrosive media.

III. The use of sericite powder

1. The field of coatings

Sericite powder coating as well as environmental protection abrasive - garnet have environmental protection function, but sericite powder is a kind of new functional filler of green environmental protection, it is widely used in building exterior wall paint, anti-corrosion coatings, powder coatings, high temperature resistant coating, insulation coating, waterproof coating, road sign paint, radiation protection coating and some special coating, such as marine coatings, spacecraft thermal control coatings and coating such as food vessels.

2. The field of cosmetics

Sericite powder can increase the unique nature of silky soft gloss to the cosmetics manufacturing. Products are widely used in powder, powder, eye shadow, liquid foundation, blush, powder and many other fields.

3. The field of plastics

Plastic mica powder with high diameter to thickness ratio, high temperature, acid, wear characteristics, is a natural functional powder filling material. Products are widely used in PP, PA, PBT, PET and other plastic modified, functional masterbatch and engineering plastics applications, and other fields.

4. The electronic field

Sericite powder is a new special functional filler, can replace the use of electronic grade silicon powder, to give the board an ideal insulation, rigidity, low expansion rate, drilling processability, heat resistance and process stability and other properties.

5. The rubber field

Sericite powder is an excellent rubber filled reinforcing material, its own mineral crystal polarizing effect and inter-layer water interference effect, effective shielding of ultraviolet, microwave, infrared performance, greatly improve the aging resistance of products.

6. The field of refractories

Refractory materials sericite powder has the main mineral content is stable, refractoriness is moderate, physical and chemical properties of insulation insulation stability; mud adhesion, and not swelling, drying speed, good plasticity and so on.

7. Welding field

Sericite powder is a new electrode coating material, which has a certain flexibility, plasticity, can increase the slip of the coating and the flow of powder in the cylinder to improve its pressure coating performance, to replace the titanium dioxide, reducing the electrode cost.

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