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Alumina powder


I. Overview:

In the rapid economic development, around us there have been many new things, these new things are on the basis of the original research, manufacturing, white fused alumina is the case, white fused alumina raw materials used is alumina powder, it after processing is generated on the basis of alumina powder white fused alumina, so that the things in the world are interrelated.

II.The introduction of alumina powder:

Alumina powder to industrial or commercial alumina aluminum hydroxide as a raw material, but it and silicon carbide, black fused alumina is not the same alumina powder is different formulations high temperature calcination.

Alumina powder difficult water-soluble amorphous white powder, odorless, tasteless, chemical stability, high purity, really heavy, good insulation properties and other characteristics.


Alumina powder

III.The alumina powder advantages:

White fused alumina is mentioned in front of us and alumina powder as raw material, white fused alumina has the advantage, the same as its raw material alumina powder itself will have.

⒈Not affect the color of the workpiece;

⒉Can be used in non-iron blast residual production process;

⒊Micronized ideal for wet blasting and polished work;

⒋Processing speed and high quality;

⒌Amount of iron oxide contained very low for non-ferrous residual blasting operations;

⒍Pickling step to remove impurities.

IV.The alumina powder uses:

Alumina powder from the above description, when the advantages of raw materials as well as the use of white fused alumina, we all know some of the basic purposes of alumina powder.

Alumina powder for a variety of other high-end products, processes or hardware products to beautify the surface treatment, surface clean and without any impurities after sandblasting, replacing cleaning trouble.


Alumina powder and brown fused alumina, as in the use of ceramics as alumina can be divided into general industrial alumina and calcined alumina, calcined alumina is an essential raw material production of antique tiles, and can be used for the production of alumina ceramics industry stone, in the traditional glaze, the alumina used as a raw material whitening. Since antique tiles and ceramic stone favored by the market, so the amount of alumina is growing year by year.


Alumina powder commonly pornographic layer analysis of vehicle.

C.Tempered glass manufacturing:

Alumina is an aluminum metal in the air is not easy to corrosion reasons. Aluminum oxide film covering pure aluminum easily with oxygen in the air reacts in a thin layer of aluminum surface exposed to air.

d. α-alumina:

α-alumina because they do not dissolve in water and acid, also known as industrial aluminum oxide, it is also the basic raw material manufacture of aluminum metal; also used for a variety of refractory bricks, refractory crucibles, refractory tubes, high temperature test equipment; can be made abrasives, flame retardants, fillers and the like; high-purity α-alumina or the production of artificial corundum, synthetic ruby and sapphire materials; also used in the production of modern large scale integrated circuit board base.

e: γ-alumina:

In addition, the oil refining and petrochemical industry is commonly used adsorbents, catalysts and catalyst supports; industrially transformer oil, turbine oil deacidification agent, also used in chromatography and the like.

f.Alumina abrasive:

Alumina is suitable for a variety of wet and dry treatment process, any rough surface of the workpiece can be polished fine, one of the most affordable abrasive. This sharp artificial synthetic abrasive water chestnut has only to diamond in hardness, especially suitable for use in iron strict pollution requirements. In addition, other uses alumina powder and corundum similar.

V.The alumina powder physical and chemical indicators:

Chemical formula: Alumina

Molecular Weight: 102

Appearance: White powder

Crystal phase: γ-phase

Water-soluble: insoluble in water

Average particle size: 20 ± 5 (NM)

Alumina content: ≥99.9% (NM)

Melting point: 2010 ℃ -2050 ℃

Relative density: 3.97-4.0g / cm3

VI. Conclusion:

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