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I believe martial arts drama watch friends all know that "Iron Palm" it, "Iron Palm" one by one and not one day excel, if you think our next story of "Iron Palm" It would be wrong, here we are talking about and the "Iron Palm" relationship, but it is iron sand, not "Iron Palm."

I.Overview of iron sand:

Iron sand is generally divided into three types: after processing of iron ore pellets, spraying iron sand, iron sand and other counterweight.

The proportion of the appearance of iron sand is 4.2-7.8g / cm3 of silver, which is extracted from iron sand processing. Also known counterweight iron sand, crushed by the iron after pill formed by heat treatment.

Iron sand production process: crushing and screening →   high-speed grinding sintered magnetic separator→broken →water-cooled high-speed mill →screening →magnetic separator→product packaging.

Iron sand specifications: 6,8,10,16,24,30,46,60,100,150 mesh; 0-2,0-5,1-2,1-5mm; we can also produce according to customer requirements processing.

Iron Sand

Iron Sand

II.The iron sand features:

By the iron sand production process, etc., we can know that iron sand hardness, toughness, impact resistance, can be used repeatedly for several times, long life, good rebound, strong adhesion, cleaning speed, low sand consumption, not broken, clean up workpiece brightness, good results.

III.The use of iron sand:

1. Also belong to the counterweight iron sand, sand is the main counterweight to the weight or pressure of heavy iron sand. Mainly used in:

①Lighting, toys, fans and other components of the counterweight;

② Sporting goods and fitness products counterweight, such as: training gloves iron sand, iron sand leggings, belts iron sand, iron sand bag, dumbbells, barbells, etc;

③ Electrical counterweight counterweight;

④ Concrete counterweight (Use);

⑤ Wear Engineering: such as airport runways, bridges, roads , ports, terminals, steel plants, submarine fiber optic cable;

⑥ Machinery industry counterweight widely used, such as: oil canister, forklift counterweight, excavator counterweight, crane counterweight, crane counterweight, crane counterweight shovel counterweight counterweight port machinery, handling boats machine counterweight, shipyard ballast weights, pier pontoon counterweight and oil canister, with heavy engineering, water conservancy and hydropower ballast weights, lift weights, hull large machinery engineering machinery ballast and other industries counterweight.

2. Radiation engineering, radiation shielding with iron sand: such forces, hospitals, nuclear power plants, research institutes and other institutions and the need to shield ray units.

3. Iron sand can be used as metal abrasives, sand, rust, heavy concrete blast furnace refractories and additives are mainly used in machinery, metallurgy, heat treatment, build, bridges, etc., in order to increase its wear resistance, high temperature resistance, washout.

IV.The iron sand physical and chemical indicators:

Iron (Fe) ≥90%

Carbon (C) ≤0.50%

Manganese (Mn) ≤2.20%

Silicon (Si) ≤2.20%

Sulfur (S) ≤0.25%

V.The iron sand notes:

1. Transportation and Handling: iron sand during transport can not be dragged with hooks, mixed with the hard material should be avoided, can not be strong vibration, friction, foot, smashing, non-throwing, should gently, to reduce packaging broken, affect.

2. Storage: should be stored in a cool dry place to prevent rupture of the inner and outer bags to prevent moisture and other substances affect the results, stored away from sources of pollution.

3. Non flooding: iron sand belongs to the iron material, so the transport, storage and use, must absolutely prevent flooding, due to flooding, rust, seriously affect the results.

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