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Water knife sand


I believe that many people see the water knife sand when the words will feel very confused, water knife sand is what? What is it for? In fact, water knife sand we are common in life, the following is my company for water knife sand made a brief introduction.

I. The water knife sand overview

According to our narrative of  in front of what is garnet abrasive and a series of related knowledge, we have a general understanding of garnet abrasive, in fact, water knife sand can also be called garnet. There are many water jet sand called, such as: waterjet cutting sand, water jet for sand, waterjet machine for sand, garnet sand, pomegranate sand, a water knife sand, universal water knife cutting machine sand and so on.

Water knife sand, chemical name aluminum (calcium) silicate, as brown red sand uniform small particles, its slightly black impurities and a small amount of dust.

Water knife sand production process for the selected content of 85.4% of the garnet stone mine, artificial drying so that the moisture content of less than 4.7%, mechanical grinding pickling (remove impurities) washed (remove dust), the second artificial drying (to facilitate the separation screen dust), moisture content of less than 5%, and finally the use of advanced secondary screening process (so that more uniform particles) screening packaging.

Water knife sand

Water knife sand

II. The characteristics of water knife sand

1. The particle size uniform, cutting surface formation;

2. Particle size control science, cutting performance, cutting speed;

3. High purity particles, less impurities, cutting environment is good;

4. Good quality, less wear parts, extend equipment life, you can save the overall cost.

III. The water knife sand type and purpose

1. The product model: 60 # (0.212-0.5mm)

Usage: stone, rubber, wood;

Cutting effect: suitable for high-speed cutting occasions, can increase the cutting speed of 30%, but the cost is to reduce the cutting surface accuracy.

2. The product model: 80 # (0.15-0.355mm)

Uses: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium metal;

Cutting effect: the most commonly used waterjet cutting abrasive particle size, cutting speed and cutting accuracy to achieve the perfect balance.

3. The product model: 120 # (0.1-0.2mm)

Product use: glass, semiconductors;

Cutting effect: meet the requirements of high precision, low tolerance of cutting surface.

In addition, garnet can also be used as abrasive sanding ultra-high pressure water jet cutting equipment. Because of its versatility and ease of use, waterjet cutting is the world's fastest-growing major machine tooling technology. When water is pressurized to 40,000 PSI (or more) and passes through a small opening, it can cut a variety of soft materials including food, paper, paper diapers, rubber and foam. When a small amount of garnet sands are added to the water jets, the resulting water jets can actually cut any hard material, including metals, composites, stone, and glass.

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