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Zircon Sand


I.Zircon sand description:

Also known as zircon sand , zircon is a zirconium silicate mineral of the main components of. Pure zircon sand is colorless and transparent crystals, but often because of different origin, different types and amounts containing impurities and dyed yellow, orange, red, brown and other colors.

II.Zircon sand features:

zircon sand characteristics with our other product similar characteristics, such as: brown fused alumina, black silicon carbide, etc., but its characteristics white fused alumina off than many. The following are zircon sand characteristics: a.coefficient of thermal expansion; b. good liquidity and good ventilation; c.compact structure; d.reuse regeneration performance, cost-effective; e. high refractoriness, easy collapsibility; f. thermal conductivity, good stability.

Zircon Sand

Zircon Sand

III.Use of zircon sand:

use of zircon sand with chromium fused alumina,black silicon carbide similar purposes, but the result was different. Zircon is mainly used in the field of refractory materials, ceramics, glass, coatings, foundry industries.

♦Refractory raw materials: for the production of zircon brick, fired brick, zirconium glass furnace ramming mixes, casting material.

♦ Ceramics: because zircon sand stable chemical properties, is a high quality, inexpensive emulsions, are widely used in various construction ceramics, sanitary ceramics, porcelain and ceramics, a ceramics and other crafts production in the ceramic glaze processing and production, the use of a wide range, can significantly improve the binding properties of ceramic glaze, glazed ceramics increase hardness.

♦ Glass: TV color picture tube industry, glass industry, glass emulsion;

♦ Paint: since zircon sand suspension stability, with excellent thixotropic and mobility, so it can serve as a good paint.

♦ Cast: because zircon good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness, heat storage coefficient characteristics of the larger, so the casting has a strong chilling effect, refined metal structure, improve the mechanical performance.

IV.Zircon sand physical and chemical indicators:

ZrO2: 67.1% (natural zircon sand content of about 57-66)

SiO2: 32.9%

Specific Gravity: 4.4-4.8

pH: 4.56

Bulk density (g / cm3): 2.9-3.1

True density (g / cm3): 4.4-4.71

Mohs hardness: 7.5-8

Refractive Index: 1.93-2.01

Melting point: 2750

Main ingredient: ZrO2; SiO2, and a small amount of Fe2O3, CaO, AI2O3 and other impurities

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