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Refractory mud


I. Overview:

As we all know, Refractory mud color similar to concrete, a lot of people will say that cement Refractory mud , then, in the end is not Refractory mud  cement it? It still needs to further our own understanding. For a more in-depth understanding of Refractory mud or abrasives on aspects of product knowledge do? For example: green silicon carbide, white fused alumina products like, please stay tuned to this website Oh! The following is our knowledge of Refractory mud products made by the relevant summary, we want to help.

II.The introduction of Refractory mud :

Refractory mud is also known as Portland cement, based on bauxite and limestone as raw material, obtained by calcining calcium aluminate as a main component, an alumina content of about 50% of the clinker, and then grinding made hydraulic binder.

Refractory mud particle size varies according to customer requirements, we most often sold specifications for 0-1,0-3,0-5,200 mesh.

Refractory mud

Refractory mud

III.Refractory mud characteristics:

Refractory mud raw material composition by the bauxite and limestone, bauxite and brown fused alumina is one of the raw materials, and therefore the characteristics of Refractory mud and brown fused alumina are similar. Following is a Refractory mud characteristics:

1. Color: deep black shiny plastic explosion-proof than other gray better impact resistance, better absorb blast.

2. Performance: there is a certain degree of flame resistance and oil resistance. Adhesion strong, shock resistance, the device has a protective effect.

3. Gravity: plastic than significant compared to other explosion-proof glue, at the same construction can save more material.

4. Quality: tasteless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, can give customers more confidence to use.

5. Flammability: clay with a clear fire, slow fire.

6. Oil resistance: No. 68 oil soaked in a month, not dispersed, not deformed.

7. Sealing: 50Kpa applying pressure to ensure a minute, no dripping, no displacement.

8. Explosion-proof: with 32% argon mixed done booster test, the results are not booster.

IV.The use of Refractory mud :

a.Refractory mud masonry of coke oven are required to have good plasticity at room temperature and adhesion to facilitate construction; dried with less shrinkage and prevent cracking.

b.Coke oven Refractory mud into silicon refractory mortar and Refractory mud mud. Silicon Refractory mud brick masonry, Refractory mud brick masonry. Silicon Refractory mud mud were added in combination, can increase Refractory mud plasticity, reducing permeability and water loss rate is generally added in an amount of about 15% to 20%.

C.Except for Refractory mud seam masonry materials, but also can be used smearing or spraying method is used as a protective coating lining body. Widely used in national defense, petroleum, chemical, gas stations, substations, warehouses and explosion danger dangerous places other aspects, as the seal of the explosion was isolated pipe or cable wiring works with. It can be used to wrap the wires, connectors, cables, pipes, and other ground and prevent fires.

V. Refractory mud classification:

Press refractoriness refractory mud level is divided into: general refractory, advanced refractories, refractory grade.

According to the chemical properties of Refractory mud is divided into: acidic refractory materials, neutral refractory materials, basic refractory materials, refractories for special occasions.

Depending on the composition of Refractory mud materials can be divided into: dry soil Refractory mud, high alumina refractory cement, siliceous Refractory mud, magnesia refractory mud.

Refractory mud according to different binding agents can be divided into:

(1) Combined with ceramic Refractory mud: Delivery state dry state, need to add water after use at high temperatures through the combination of ceramic and hardened.

(2) Hydraulic binding Refractory mud: Delivery status just like dry, add water after use, without heating hardening.

(3) Chemically bonded Refractory mud: Delivery status can be either a slurry, and can be dry form.

VI.Refractory clay physical and chemical indicators:

Name Unit Clayey High Alumina Special Cement Micro-expansion Silicon Carbide Aluminum Carbon No water is forced into the carbonaceous
AL203 % 42 65 80 68 -- 65
SIC % -- -- -- -- ≥70 -- SIC+C≥60
C % -- -- -- -- -- >5 --
Flexural Strength 110℃*16h Mpa 1 1 1 1 0.8 0.6 1
1400℃*3h Mpa 2 2 2 1.8 1.8 1.6 2
Bonding Time S 120 120 120 120 120 120 120
Refractoriness≥ 1670 1790 1790 1790 1790 1790 1790

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