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Polishing sand


Abrasive materials are widely used in industry, especially for the machining of high-precision or low-roughness parts or particularly hard parts, abrasives and grinding tools are indispensable. Polishing sand as a kind of abrasive, the application is quite extensive.

I. An overview of Polishing sand

Polishing sand to high-quality sponge matte as the base material, the sponge as the substrate, and finally in the sponge to add spray superfine, super, ultra-high hardness of diamond sand, emery and other grinding sand, the use of modern unique new technology refined.

II. The characteristics of polishing sand

Polishing sand with moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpening, low sand consumption and recycling recycling, grinding pieces of good finish, and the chemical composition of stability, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance characteristics.

Polishing sand is the process of choice for abrasive, polished at the same time is a rust cleaning parts, grinding and polishing the ideal material.

Polishing sand

Polishing sand

  III. The use of polishing sand

With the use of brown fused alumina, the use of white fused alumina similar, polishing sand is mainly used in stainless steel surface decontamination, in addition to the welding slag and matte effect; iron artifacts to rust, dirt, scale, increasing the coating, coating adhesion;aluminum workpiece to scale, surface strengthening, finishing effect;Artifacts to scale copper matte effect; glass crystal grinding, engraved designs; plastic products inferior smooth effect, etc.Polishing is grinding polishing, sandblasting the most ideal products stainless steel products.

IV. The physical and chemical indicators of polishing sand

Crystal: triangular system

Hardness (Mohs): ≧ 9.0

Melting point (° C): 2050

Maximum operating temperature (℃): 1850

True density (g / cm3): ≧ 3.5

V. Polishing sand matters needing attention

1. Transport and handling: Polishing sand in the transport process, not with the hook drag, should be mixed with hard materials to prevent, not a strong vibration, friction, step on, smashing, throwing should be light loading and unloading to reduce packaging broken ,affect.

2. Storage: Polishing sand stored in a cool dry place, to prevent rupture inside and outside the bag to prevent moisture, storage away from sources of pollution.

3. Non-flooding: Polishing sand is a senior abrasive, so in the transport, storage and use of the process, must be absolutely prevent flooding, due to flooding, a serious impact on the use of results.

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